THE REAL THING Brenda Jackson
The Westmorelands
Harlequin Desire #2287
ISBN: 978-0-373-73300-2
March 2014
Series Romance

Colorado The Present

Completing her residency at a hospital in Denver, Trinity Matthews needs help. One of the surgeons is sexually harassing her. The family of the surgeon is rich and powerful and currently financing a new pediatric wing for the hospital, so her administrator refuses to take any action. Trinity's sister, Tara, who is married to Thorn Westmoreland, suggests that if Thorn's cousin Adrian pretends to be her boyfriend, it might help deflect the doctor's interest. Adrian steps into the part with enthusiasm. Although he isn't interested in a long-term relationship, or marriage, not yet at least, he wants to help his cousin's sister-in-law. Moreover, Trinity is a ravishing beauty, smart, witty and entertaining.

The surgeon only increases his harassment, which leads to threats and blackmailing demands. The extended Westmoreland family have lived through some tragic situations and they are not about to let such abuse continue. As a teenage terror and troublemaker, Adrian works to show his family that he is past his youthful misdeeds and that he will handle the situation in the right way. He will be sorely tempted by both Trinity and the man he wants to punish.

This is a fast-paced and entertaining read. The abhorrent situation will also stoke the reader's interest. Adrian and Trinity are intelligent and ethical characters committed to their own plans and somewhat unwillingly pulled into a deeply sensual and emotional romance. Recommended, enjoyable reading.

Robin Lee