The Westmoreland Legacy Miniseries , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2473
October 2106
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73486-3
Contemporary Series Romance

Silver Spurs Ranch, Missouri - Present Day

Navy SEAL Gavin Blake, code name Viper, is looking forward to his upcoming leave after the team's latest covert operation.  First on his list is a quick trip to visit a sexy bartender in Mississippi before heading home to his ranch in Missouri.  However, a call from a concerned neighbor changes all that; Gavin has to head straight home.  According to Mr. Lott, a swindling professor has persuaded Gavin's grandma Mel into giving permission to dig up their land looking for treasure!

Professor Layla Harris has worked long and hard to secure the permissions to fund an archaeological dig on the Silver Spur Ranch.  Her research proves that Jesse James buried a strongbox full of stolen money right here on the Blake ranch, and she plans to prove it by finding said strongbox.  She's prepared for Gavin Blake's refusal as well, but since his grandmother, Melody, has already given her permission, Layla plans to go ahead with the dig, hoping to swing Gavin to her side eventually.  Layla has seen photographs of Gavin inside Melody's home, but she is taken aback when she meets the man himself, feeling the instant pull of undeniable attraction.  A desirability she can't explore.  Meanwhile, Gavin is determined to do two things:  one, stop Layla from digging up his ranch, and two, get her into his bed as soon as possible.

When THE RANCHER RETURNS to the Silver Spur there are fireworks as Gavin meets Layla.  He is steadfastly determined to shut down her exploration of his ranch.  But when seemingly innocent accidents begin occurring, it is soon apparent that someone is attempting to sabotage the dig.  Gavin and Layla have their hands full, but help arrives in the form of Gavin's teammates:  Bane (Brisbane Westmoreland); Mac, (Thurston McRoy); Coop (Laramie Cooper); and Flipper (David Holloway).  Add several more sparkling and animated secondary characters and we have a great book full of adventure, mystery, and hot romance!

THE RANCHER RETURNS is the first book in a new mini-series, The Westmoreland Legacy , see Brenda Jackson's website at for a complete listing of the entire Westmoreland Series.


Diana Risso