HIS TO CLAIM - Brenda Jackson
The Westmoreland Legacy , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2665
ISBN: 978-1-335-60367-8
June 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Wyoming & Texas - Present Day Navy SEAL Mac McRoy's job requires that he be gone for long periods of time and he looks forward to spending time with his wife, Teri, and their four girls once he's home. When he arrives at his house, he finds his parents there watching the kids and learns Teri has taken off to Wyoming to spend time at the dude ranch where they honeymooned. Stunned that she didn't tell him her plans, Mac immediately takes off for Wyoming with the intention of confronting her. What is going on with her? But after he arrives, she makes it clear she's not happy to see him. What did he do? How can he fix their marriage? But before they can find the answers to these questions, they're faced with a life and death situation in the form of a tornado bearing down on them. Will they make it through the tornado and the problems that are threatening their marriage?

Mac and Teri are facing a marital crisis after over ten years together. They fell in love from the first moment they met and married shortly after. Children soon followed and Teri was the dutiful Navy wife aware that her husband would be gone for long periods of time. But somewhere along the way, they stopped communicating their desires. While Mac was gone this last time, eight months, Teri miscarried the son he didn't know about because he was so deep into his assignment that she had no way to get ahold of him. Afterwards, it just became too painful to broach the subject with him over the phone. Suddenly becoming resentful of always bowing to Mac's wishes, Teri decides to do something she wants: buy back her old ranch in Texas with plans to move there with the girls. But she's aware that she did all this without his approval and fears his displeasure. She isn't even sure their marriage is now worth saving, so she heads to Wyoming to think. The unexpected arrival of Mac jolts her. He's angry because she's not talking to him. Can this marriage be saved?

Anyone who has been with their spouse/significant other for a long time might understand Teri's dissatisfaction. She has acquiesced a lot to him in their relationship. It isn't that she stopped loving him, it's that she wonders if she can go on like this anymore. The romance is dead, though the sex continues to be great between them. Meanwhile, in HIS TO CLAIM, Teri and Mac race to save themselves as the tornado threatens them. It isn't just the destruction they have to deal with, but the aftermath. Will it give them time to finally talk about what ails their marriage?

HIS TO CLAIM is part of  The Westmoreland Legacy  (which is connected to Brenda Jackson's long-running  Westmoreland  series) about four friends who are all SEALS. They're there for each other whenever needed, and in HIS TO CLAIM, they will definitely have to help out Mac and Teri. HIS TO CLAIM is a page-turner that will keep you entertained and one that I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer