A Westmoreland Family Novel

Harlequin Desire #2149
ISBN: 978-0-373-73162-6
April 2012
Series Romance

Denver, Colorado Present Day

Kalina Daniels doesn't have a very high opinion of her father, so when she's told that Micah only dated Kalina because her father paid him to, she doesn't doubt it. But as much as Kalina refuses to admit it, Micah's betrayal hit her hard. She missed their easy camaraderie, as well as the passion they shared. But she knows she is better off without Micah and her father's schemes in her life.

Micah can't believe Kalina would choose to listen to her manipulating father over him. He's hated being apart from her for so long and now they have to work together once again. Micah knows this is his last chance to get Kalina to listen to his side of the story, and find out the truth about his feelings for her.

Kalina and Micah are two very stubborn characters, and it is quite amusing watching them fight their attraction for one another. Neither of them deserves the full blame for the failure of their last relationship but neither Micah nor Kalina is willing to accept any blame at all. This is the type of story romance readers will come back to time and time again a couple separated by tragedy or a misunderstanding, and then returning to one another in the future to finally get their happily ever after. Both Kalina and Micah work hard and grow so much over the course of the story, they definitely deserve their happy ending.

FEELING THE HEAT is the most recent title in Brenda Jackson's well loved Westmoreland series. Fans should be on the lookout for two more Westmoreland titles releasing this year TEXAS WILD (OCT 2012) and ONE WINTER NIGHT (DEC 2012).

Amanda Toth