Westmoreland Series
Harlequin Desire #2407
ISBN: 978-0-373-73420-7
November 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Colorado and Kodiak Island, Alaska – Present Day

After the Outlaw family based in Alaska discovers they may actually be part of the Westmoreland family, they send their friend Walker Rafferty to Colorado to check them out. To Walker, they seem friendly, but it's Bailey Westmoreland who catches his eye. She's beautiful, outgoing and feisty, but for loner Walker she is way out of his league. Yet it doesn't stop them from forming a friendship that soon turns to more. As a man still reeling from the loss of his son years ago, he's not looking for a romantic relationship with any woman, so he rebuffs her attempts to get even closer. After Bailey lashes out at him, Walker heads home. But why can't he forget about her?

But Bailey is not done with Walker. She heads to his home on Kodiak Island, Alaska to apologize, arriving just ahead of a major snowstorm. After she saves him from a grizzly bear (yes, really!), she ends up stranded by the storm at his cabin—alone with him—but they agree that now is the time to act upon this crazy chemistry between them. Will having sex get rid of the feelings they have for each other, or will it only make them want more?

Brenda Jackson has created two strong willed characters in BREAKING BAILEY'S RULES, the latest installment in the long running Westmoreland series. As the story opens, the Outlaw family, which consists of four sons and one daughter, learn their last name may really be Westmoreland, a wealthy and prominent family in the lower forty eight states. Their friend Walker agrees to meet with the Westmorelands, which is how he encounters the vivacious Bailey. She's just started a new job at a magazine owned by family members and wants to impress her family. Getting involved with—or ticking off—Walker is not a good idea. Bailey is intrigued by Walker, especially when she discovers he once was a top actor in Hollywood who left it all behind after the death of his wife and child. Is he a man still in love with his dead wife? Is there any hope of a future for them?

Walker has kept to himself since he returned to his family's home in Alaska. No one, not even a beautiful woman, is going to make him change. He trusts very few people, and the ones he does have known him a long time. Yet Bailey breaks down the barriers to his heart and soul. Walker is an emotionally tortured man who is afraid to open his heart, but Bailey just may be the one he lets in. Watching Bailey and Walker interact and fall in love in BREAKING BAILEY'S RULES will be a satisfying read for those who love an emotionally charged tale.

Patti Fischer