A LOVER'S TOUCH – Brenda Jackson
Harlequin Desire Anniversary Collection
Harlequin Desire #2146
ISBN: 978-0-373-73159-6
March 2012
Short Story

Fernandina Beach, Florida – Present Day

Kendra Redding and Slate Landis fell in love years ago, but his feelings of remorse over his inability to save a drowning child had him running away. Kendra hasn't heard from him—until one morning while she's jogging on the beach she runs into him. She soon learns the reason he's come back is to claim her. But Kendra can't forget his abrupt abandonment of their relationship. Can she forgive him and forget all that has happened before?

Slate never forgot Kendra, and after all these years of soul searching and finally coming to grips with what happened, he's ready to move on…and claim the woman he loves. He will have to win her trust, but hopefully he has the upper hand because the sizzling attraction between them still simmers.

A LOVER'S TOUCH from Brenda Jackson is in the back of Janice Maynard's A TOUCH OF PERSUASION, and this short story will leave you smiling. Kendra and Slate seemed the perfect pair as teenage lovers and had planned a future together until that tragic day. Slate couldn't handle what happened, so chose to leave town. These star-crossed lovers have a second chance at love and a future together, but first need to work a few things out. Slate is very persuasive in convincing Kendra their sexual attraction still sizzles. But there's more to a relationship than sex. Trust, love and security must be won, and Slate is ready for the battle. Readers will surely enjoy A LOVER'S TOUCH as much as I did.

Patti Fischer