Closer To You,
Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-451-47201-4
April 2015
New Adult Romance

Arizona Present Day

Samantha Schultz has lived the past seven years in a haze. Since her break up with Christopher years before, she's just floated along, doing whatever her boyfriend Ben told her to. The only joy she got out of life was working with children, putting her new teaching degree to good use. And when she happened upon Aly, Christopher's younger sister, in the store by her new home, Samantha knew everything about her quiet existence was going to change.

Christopher never got over what Samantha did to him, but he pulled himself up out of the gutter somehow. From a punk kid with little future to a business co-owner with his best friend, he finally has a fresh start, and maybe a mending heart. But when he goes to surprise his sister and finds Samantha at her house, it feels as if his heart has broken open once again. With the two of them feeling so broken and abandoned, can getting back together even begin to heal them both?

Christopher and Samantha have grown up over their seven years apart, but it's hard to really grow and change when a part of you is still owned by the one who broke your heart. Even in their brief, chance encounters at Aly's house, they can feel the pull to be together. And as much as Samantha and Christopher may want to pursue these feelings, Samantha has Ben to think about.

COME TO ME RECKLESSLY is a fascinating dance between past hurt, current attraction, and Samantha's obligation to Ben, who helped her through the past seven years. A few clichéd moments do nothing to damper how bright Christopher and Samantha's story is, a tale of love once lost, found again.

COME TO ME RECKLESSLY is the third book in author Jackson's  Closer To You  series. Readers of the series will be delighted to see Aly and Jared again; they play a big role in helping Samantha and Christopher find their own happy ending. But this book can easily be read as a standalone with no prior knowledge of the previous books.

Amanda Toth