The Boscastle Series, Book 10
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-41532-5
March 2013
Historical Romance

Southeast England 1819

Years ago, Kate Walcott found herself in a precarious position after she was unfairly accused by a lecherous employer.  Faced with possible imprisonment, she flees into the night in her torn clothes, and is nearly run down by a carriage.  The lady in the carriage, Georgette Lawson, rescues Kate, and together they forge an unlikely partnership, striking a bargain that suits them both in the years to come.  A series of mishaps has forced Georgette into her current position as mistress to Mason Earling.  Always one to keep an eye on the future, Georgette has devised a plan to write down the details of her past love affairs and publish them.  Her escapades as mistress to rich and powerful men have left Georgette with little funds to support herself and her children.  She needs a financial cushion if Mason tires of her.

Colin Boscastle is on the hunt, still searching for the man who killed his father years ago.  By coincidence, he happens upon a woman who looks much like Georgette in the darkness.  He kisses Kate nearly senseless and discovers his mistake when she struggles out of his embrace.  Colin has come to find Georgette and warn her away from Mason Earling.  Colin was Georgette's first lover, many years ago, and he ruined her life when he suddenly disappeared, leaving her pregnant and alone.  Now, Georgette is in a position to ruin his life with the publication of her memoirs.  Kate, meanwhile, is trying to keep Georgette's biggest secret, her son Brian, hidden from Colin Boscastle.

THE MISTRESS MEMOIRS is a complex story of love and betrayal.  Colin has no plans to fall in love, but he is under Kate's spell as soon as he meets her.  Kate has no patience for men.  They are not worthy of her trust, and she wants no part of Colin after what he did to Georgette.  He will just use her, then disappear just as he did long ago. Meanwhile, Colin is determined to kill Mason Earling and make him pay for his father's murder.

There are a plethora of characters who are all very important in the story as the mystery of Colin's family plays out.  Even though this is the tenth book in The Boscastle Series , it stands alone.  Even so, I found the beginning a little confusing, but the story quickly picks up as it gathers momentum.  The only problem I had was separating Georgette and Colin's long ago love affair from Colin's new attraction to Kate.  It seemed wrong to pair him up with Kate; I felt he should have gone back to Georgette.  But they finally make a match of their attraction and the story concludes successfully.


Diana Risso