MERCY BLADE – Faith Hunter
Jane Yellowrock, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-451-46372-2
January 2011
Urban fantasy

New Orleans , Louisiana – Present Day

Jane Yellowrock is a security expert and a rogue vampire hunter. She has been hired by Leo, the Master of the City of New Orleans , to be the head of his security force, a tough job with some nice perks—including a nice house to call her own as long as her contract lasts. But Jane isn't an ordinary human. Jane shares herself with Beast, a giant cat with powers beyond Jane's, giving her the ability to shift from human to Beast, and giving her the benefit of heightened senses. Jane thought any sort of weres or skinwalkers were few and far between, until some werecats show up on Leo's doorstep.

But the werecats aren't the only weres around. Werewolves have entered New Orleans as well, and they've targeted Leo for revenge. The wolves say Leo murdered their family and forced them from their homes in New Orleans , and they've brought the American justice system in on the fight. Not only must Jane keep her own abilities a secret, but she has to keep Leo safe as well. Not to mention deal with the problems in her personal life, such as a boyfriend who is acting a little shifty.

A thrilling novel, MERCY BLADE is the newest installment in the Jane Yellowrock series. Fans of suspenseful tales filled with vampires, weres, and more will enjoy this book. Jane is a strong heroine who knows how to take charge of a situation, and kick butt if necessary. And her relationship with her “other half,” Beast, is fascinating. Backed up by interesting and equally substantial side characters, such as Leo himself and the weres, there's certainly no shortage of loveable characters, or characters the reader will love to hate.

While reading the previous two novels in the Jane Yellowrock series are not absolutely necessary to the comprehension of the third, it is quite recommended to get the full picture. And be on the lookout for book four in the series, RAVEN CURSED, which is currently a work in progress.

Amanda Toth