IF HE'S NOBLE -  Hannah Howell
The Wherlockes Series , Book 7
Zebra Books
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3503-9
August 2015
Historical Romance with Paranormal Aspects

England, 1791

Sir Bened Vaughn took a bullet aimed at one of his charges and received some land for his efforts from the young aristocrat's father. While traveling to his property he comes upon a woman carrying a pistol and searching in the woods for her horse, Smudge. He finds her glasses hanging on her dress and gives them to her and points her to her nearby horse.

The Honorable Primrose Anabelle Matilda Dunmore's father has died and she is trying to find her brother Simeon before her gambling uncle and her greedy, maybe murderous, aunt-in-law takes over the inheritance. A long time ago she had a riding accident that injured her vision, but that doesn't mean she is blind to what her aunt has done. She suspects her aunt killed her father, even after he generously gave his brother and sister-in-law the dower house to live in.

She is lucky to have run into Bened, as he has some of the gifts Wherlockes are famous, or more often infamous, for. He can track anyone. He desires to help and protect Primrose, which she will need as her aunt has hired men to kill her. He decides to take her to his family and then outwit her aunt.

The villains in this story are particularly heinous, so it makes the suspense more intense and the story interesting. Along with the many suspenseful situations, readers will enjoy the romance between Primrose and Bened. Many Wherelocke s from pervious stories show up, creating a strong cast of characters. Fun summer reading.

Robin Lee