FROST LINE - Linda Howard & Linda Jones
ISBN: 978-0-06-242198-2
September 2016
Fantasy Romance

Atlanta, Georgia – Present Day

Sulking after being sent to bed early, seven-year-old Elijah Tilley sneaks downstairs to see what his mom is doing with “Uncle Bobby”, and gets there in time to see the man he likes kill his mom.  Only knowing that he doesn't want Uncle Bobby to make him dead, too, Elijah escapes to his best friend's house.  Terrified and hiding in the closet, Elijah calls out for help.

One minute Lenna Frost had been in her home on Aeonia, the next she was in a small room with a small human being.  As Strength, one of the Major Arcana, Lenna doesn't travel between the worlds that she influences, but in short order she figures out that she is on Seven, (the planet humans have renamed Earth) and the small being is a child who used the thought-to-be lost Alexandria Deck to call her to him.  Though she has no experience with children, Lenna knows that she needs to help him, and vows to do so.  The only problem – if she doesn't return to Aeonia in five days, the Arcana will crumble.

As a Hunter, Caine has the ability to travel between the worlds, and this time his mission is to retrieve Strength as well as the Alexandria Deck.  He is accustomed to people following his orders, but he has never met somebody like Lenna before.  The embodiment of strength and willpower, Lenna isn't about to bend to his will, and Caine finds himself doing something almost unheard of: compromising.  Even stranger for Caine is the hard-to-control desire he feels for her.  Not only will they have to find “Uncle Bobby” before the man finds and eliminates Elijah, but there are other Hunters looking for Lenna and the Alexandria Deck.  With time ticking down, Caine will have to protect the woman he is falling for, and a child who should be meaningless to him but isn't.

Two best-selling authors team up to bring us a tale of fun, fantasy, mystery and adventure in FROST LINE.  For thousands of years, the Major Arcana believed the Alexandria Deck was lost in the fires that took the library, but apparently they survived.  Without that particular deck of tarot cards, the Arcana have been confined to Aeonia, watching over the beings of other worlds and able to affect them, but not interact.  When Lenna is summoned to Seven/Earth, she finds the deck, but knows that no Hunter will allow her to fulfill her promise to Elijah, so she hides the cards again.  While life on Aeonia is perfection for the Arcana, it's not until she spends time on Earth that Lenna learns what she has been missing.  Caine has always been able to travel between worlds and is actually fond of Earth, but he has no intention of letting Lenna stay.  Unfortunately, Lenna is unlike any woman he has ever known.  Initially, neither is happy about the attraction they feel for the other, but it's not long before they are enjoying it.

Often stealing the spotlight is Elijah.  Though terrified and grieving for his mom, he still finds adventure with Caine and Lenna, and his love of super-heroes and magic make it easy for him to accept all of the strange things he's experiencing.

An interesting premise with enjoyable characters and an intriguing new world, don't miss FROST LINE.

Jennifer Bishop