BLOODSTONE – Nancy Holzner
A Deadtown Novel,
Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-441-02100-0
October 2011
Urban Fantasy

Deadtown in Boston , Massachusetts – Present Day

Victory “Vicky” Vaughn is back to her day job, not that it's a boring experience. Vicky is a shapeshifting demon hunter, and it can be dangerous, but for the most part, she knows what she's doing. Life is mostly back to normal after the previous attacks on Deadtown's zombie population—the occasional demon hunting job, spending time with her werewolf boyfriend Kane—until someone is found dead in a ritualistic killing. Vicky fears an old enemy, demi-demon Pryce, might be involved. The last time she saw Pryce, she had slain his demon half, leaving only a human shell, but there's word going around that someone had discovered a way to bring Pryce back, and Vicky isn't going to let that happen.

Pryce isn't working alone. Not only does he have his ancient, powerful, and more than a little crazy father Myrrdin, but Myrrdin is in league with the Old Ones, vampires so old and powerful they are deemed unkillable. It's going to take every ally and every ounce of strength and will that Vicky has to save not only herself, but all of Deadtown from falling under Pryce and Myrddin's spell.

Vicky is a great character that readers will grow to love even more in this newest Deadtown novel. She's strong and definitely a kick-butt heroine, but it's great to see her softer side, as well as her sense of humor shine through. Despite how bad it gets, and how hopeless it all seems, Vicky takes a beating and still keeps fighting. Combined with a menagerie of loveable or amusingly irritating side characters, author Holzner creates an exciting and fast paced world that I cannot wait to revisit.

BLOODSTONE is the best Deadtown novel yet. Vicky's life and trials have been fascinating to date, but in this newest book, author Nancy Holzner takes it to a new level. While readers will benefit from reading all the books in order, the author does a good job of catching people up in each book, so BLOODSTONE could stand on its own.

As of yet, there is no definite news on a fourth book in the Deadtown series, or a release date, but be sure to keep checking. Deadtown is a series that Urban Fantasy fans won't want to miss!

Amanda Toth