CAJUN CRAZY – Sandra Hill
A Cajun Novel , Book 12
Avon Books
ISBN-13:  9978-0-06-256639-3
December 2017
Contemporary Romance

Houma, Louisiana – Present Day

Simone LeDeux is a Chicago cop who is enjoying living away from the swamps of Louisiana and her mother.  Mom always calls her “Cajun Crazy”, just because Simone has been married three times to Cajun men.  There's just something about a man calling you darlin' that gets her every time.  Now she has just broken up with another transplanted Cajun in Chicago (trust her to find the only one) and has to decide whether to move back to Houma and momma's double wide so Ma can have her knees replaced.  Soon, Simone's friend Helene and she are starting a business called Legal Belle's, Inc.  Helene is a lawyer, and they will specialize in cheatin' husbands and other cases that will highlight Simone's strengths.  Soon business is booming and Simone is trying to stay away from all charming Cajuns like that rascal Adam Lanier.

Adam is in a legal partnership with Luc LeDeux, another bastard from that philanderer Valcour LeDeux, father of most of the illegitimate children in the area, with some also reputed to be in Alaska.  Adam's wife Hannah died several years ago, and his father has just moved in to help with Adam's daughter Maisie, the love of his life.  Life with Hannah was hard, as she informed him after their marriage she was a swinger, and was not going to stop going to her parties.  They had an open marriage, but it wasn't something Adam wanted; now he prefers sex with a yoga instructor several towns away and hopes to keep it easy and simple…until he meets Simone.

Simone's mother warns her away from another Cajun repeatedly, but fate just keeps throwing them together.  Plus, little Maisie enjoys Simone and is determined Simone be asked to the 4th of July pool party she is planning, quite a job for a five-year-old.  But when Simone's job takes her to New Orleans with another male member of the Legal Belles, going to the same swinging sex party his wife went to, Adam is not happy, to put it mildly.  Should he go back to the sexy yoga instructor, or keep persuading Simone that this Cajun isn't like her three ex's?

Sandra Hill always takes you for a fun journey in her world, especially with Tante Lulu behind the matchmaking, or is it St. Jude like she says?  Tante's magic now has most of the LeDeux's in town pregnant, and St. Jude is apparently bound and determined Simone and Adam will be the next to get married, especially since Simone's other marriages were all civil, which doesn't count in the church!  Both Simone and Adam are gun shy for valid reasons, but somehow Tante Lulu's Cajun magic works on both of them.  The only problem is, will Adam be able to accept that sometimes he won't love what Simone does?  It's also surely not relevant that a client of Simone's is going to sue Adam's client for divorce after a four million dollar decision in a lawsuit.

All the LeDeux's in town are having a blast watching Simone and Adam fight their attraction to each other, but Tante Lulu leads the pack.  Simone's mother despairs of her daughter's attraction to those darn Cajun men, but despite herself comes to even like Adam's father.

CAJUN CRAZY will take you on a fun filled and laugh a minute ride of Cajuns, Louisiana, and the good-looking men that live there.  Come along for a ride of interesting characters and the kind of story that just makes you read faster and faster with the enjoyment you receive.  Get CAJUN CRAZY this month and enjoy a trip on the fun side.

Carolyn Crisher