St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-250-07715-8
October 2016
Contemporary Romance

New York City – the Present

Beth Harper is a die-hard romantic who is passionate about Hollywood films. She knows all of the classics, and has included her long-time boyfriend in her devotion. They live together, and although they've been a couple for seven years, neither seems in a rush to marry. Beth has her dream job working in the shoe department at a large department store where she is responsible for the movie-themed displays that both staff and customers rave about. Everything seems rosy and wonderful. And then one day a messenger delivers a coffee cup with an unusual note.

The coffee cup message is followed by other puzzling gifts, all movie oriented. At first Beth is certain that it's Danny, her boyfriend, who is sending them. He's been overly busy at his job recently, and very distracted, so Beth thinks it's his way of making it up to her. But could it also be Ryan, the handsome new man at work who seems intent on pursuing Beth? And then there is Billy, the Scottish born concierge at her and Danny's apartment building.

Ever optimistic, it takes Beth a while to realize that Danny has been more out of her life than in it. His distracted behavior, disheveled appearance, and avoiding contact with her finally sinks in. Does Danny have the “seven year itch”? Is he cheating on her?

THE GIFT OF A LIFETIME has a surprising conclusion. Beth, an Irish immigrant, is sweet, intelligent, and tries to maintain a positive outlook. She is not one to distrust someone, but Danny's behavior is growing more and more suspicious. And then there are the gifts and riddles having her running all over New York to solve. Who is responsible for this clever idea?

A sweet, romantic tale, THE GIFT OF A LIFETIME is a quick read, mostly because readers won't want to put it down.

Jani Brooks