Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0425250846
May 2012
Paranormal Romance

The South, Present Day

Raina is part witch and part succubus, and she is very good at her job, but running a house of succubi and incubi, keeping them from killing the clients, and keeping clients happy? Well, Raina is a multi-tasker. When a rogue incubus running from hell itself shows up at her door, Raina has no idea where her life is about to head.

Mikhael is tracking the incubus because he has stolen a tool from hell. As a Dark Guardian, it is his job to get it back, consequences be damned. However, when Raina challenges him, the two enter a battle of their own…one where their minds and bodies will be fully tested.

Joey W. Hill's writing is fantastic in the book IN THE COMPANY OF WITCHES. She knows how to create a world so exquisite it requires little imagination to see it. Her characters, Raina and Mikhael, are tough as nails and a perfect match. Readers will be turning pages faster and faster to see where the relationship will end up next. Be warned: this is a very erotic book. Hill does not hold back, and readers will get to know every detail of Raina and Mikhael's encounters. And what encounters they are!

Reader's only complaint may be that this book contains more romance than action or plot development. Hill focuses less of the incubus stealing an object from hell, and more on the character and relationship development of Raina and Mikhael.

Fans of spice in their paranormal romance will love IN THE COMPANY OF WITCHES. The writing is superb and the characters both likable yet frustrating. Do not miss the latest novel from Joey W. Hill!