Of Love and War , Book 3
Grand Central Publishing's Forever
ISBN: 978-1-455-59884-7
April 2015
Historical Romance

England 1920

It's time for Nora Lewis to move on. She has sold her family farm, found a home for her dog, and is leaving Iowa for England. Her parents died during the influenza epidemic, and shortly afterwards Nora received notice that she had inherited her great-uncle's sheep farm in the Lake District of England. With the death of her fiancé in the Great War, Nora needs to make a fresh start away from all of the memories.

Colin Ashby, veteran, pilot, and now his father's heir, is still trying to get his life together after losing his older brother, Christian, in the war. He had never intended on staying at Elmthwaite, his family's estate, after the war, but he made a promise to his brother to take care of their hereditary home. Chafing to do something besides become a gentleman farmer, Colin also knows that Elmthwaite will be lost if he doesn't do as his father wants and marry an heiress.

Nora's arrival in Larksbeck is met with some confusion. She goes to a large estate to get help, and meets Colin Ashby, son of a baron, who helps her find her way to her great uncle's cottage. When she meets the Tuttle family, though, Nora is slightly taken aback by their surprise at seeing her. Strange comments confuse her, but she shrugs them off and accepts their help and their son Jack's expertise with sheep.

Reaction from others in the village to Nora is friendly, but odd. Everyone says how much she looks like her great uncle's daughter, Eleanor, but when Nora asks questions, everyone changes the subject. However, her relationship with Colin warms up as he befriends her, even finding her a puppy. What Nora doesn't know is that Colin's father has ordered him to work on her to sell him her farm so that he can build a hotel. Colin is too kind to broach the subject though, as he observes how much pride Nora takes in her small cottage and farm. He is loath to hurt her. But when strange things begin happening to her cottage and property, Nora wonders who dislikes her enough to want to run her off her land?

A HOPE REMEMBERED is the final book in the trilogy Of Love and War . Unfortunately, I haven't read the previous two books. This book can easily be read alone, though. The characters are well drawn, the setting is beautifully depicted, and the story line is romantic and poignant at the same time. Readers will warm to Nora and her need to be a part of the community.

Jani Brooks