A Willow Park Romance , Book 3
Zebra Books
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3743-9
March 2016
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois and on the Road

Tiffany Desjardins lost her mother at an early age and quickly became her father's perfect princess…until she fell in love. Tiffany and her Luke had a wild and passionate marriage that came to a disastrous end. She's now ready to put away Wild Tiffany and become New Tiffany . She's expecting a proposal any time now from Ryan, her stable and dependable boyfriend whom her father highly approves of. The only problem is she never got around to divorcing Luke, lied to everyone to say she had, and now she has no idea where he is.

Another who needs to know Luke's whereabouts is Thomas Hunter of near-by Willow Park. Luke has the only copy of the results of an important study Thomas made in Africa. He tracks down Luke's ex-wife in hopes of finding him.

The upshot of Tiffany's and Thomas's mutual need to find Luke takes both of them west. When they meet on the road, Thomas has a hard time resisting Tiffany's allure. And New Tiffany must clamp down on her old self.

An important third person shares in the search, a troubled teenage boy with a narcissistic mother.

Be prepared to dive right in on page one. You will be caught hook, line, and proverbial sinker. And not because Tiffany is immediately likable. Ms. Hegger excels at uncovering truths inside her complex characters, often at the same time they discover them for themselves. And she has peopled NOBODY'S PRINCESS with distinct, superbly created individuals. This is the third Hunter brother to star in the series, and it would be hard to choose one as the most attractive. They are all different as are the books' heroines. Just be warned; some of the language you may find offensive, but it is effective in developing the characters. It looks as though we are going to be meeting more of it, like it or not. In the end, it didn't make NOBODY'S PRINCESS any easier to put down than NOBODY'S ANGEL or NOBODY'S FOOL. The whole thing was just too riveting. I highly recommend all three books.

Jane Bowers