NOBODY'S FOOL - Sarah Hegger
A Willow Park Romance , Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3741-5
September 2015
Contemporary Romance

Willow Park and Chicago, Illinois

The eldest of four sisters who grew up in a family constantly on the move, Holly Partridge found herself the caretaker even before their mother died and their father left. Now at thirty, she still is the mainstay of her younger twins, Portia and Emma, in the town of London, Ontario. When she realizes that Portia, who is bipolar, has been missing for four days and that she is off her medication, she sets out to find her. With a lead from Portia's housemate, Emma, she heads for their old home in Willow Park, Illinois. Portia somehow got it into her head to find an old schoolmate of Holly's—and Holly's high school crush—Joshua Hunter. Holly finds Josh in a popular Chicago bar, surrounded as usual with admiring females.Though she now detests him, she can't help noting he still has loads ofgood looks and charm.

Josh is not quite the heartbreaking Lothario he was in his youth, and gives in to the strange desire to help Holly in her search. Though not completely candid with Josh about the past nor present, she accepts his aid. The two are like matches and tinder, but what kind of heat will result?

NOBODY'S FOOL is an emotional ride from start to finish. It took no little will power not to make it an all-nighter. I quickly got caught up in the give and take between Holly and Josh, and into the unfolding highly-charged plot and character development.

NOBODY'S FOOL follows April's NOBODY'S ANGEL that starred Josh's brother Richard. And—lucky us—there is another Hunter brother's tale to come. Look for NOBODY'S PRINCESS next March. Meanwhile, don't miss NOBODY'S FOOL.

Jane Bowers