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IN WANT OF A VISCOUNT - Lorraine Heath
The Chessmen: Masters of Seduction #3
ISBN: 9780063114715
ISBN10: 0063114712
February 2024
Historical Romance

London - 1875

John Castleton, Viscount Wyeth, known as Rook, made a vow to never marry. His father, being a notorious rogue, has proven that this part of their line should end with Rook. Rook avoids scandal, and, as a Chessman, pursues business endeavors. One night he visits his half-brother Aiden's club, the Elysian, to give him news on their father. Once told, Aiden asks a favor of Rook. He's short-staffed this night, and an American woman is waiting in a private room for one of Aiden's men to give her a first kiss! Horrified, Rook eventually reluctantly agrees.

Leonora Garrison has had a few too many sips of the "green fairy", commonly known as absinthe as she impatiently awaits her first kiss. Finally, the door opens, and a well-dressed, rather handsome gentleman enters. She makes it clear they're not to exchange names, all she wants is a kiss. The man obliges and both are obviously affected by the encounter.

Leonora is in England with her mother and brother to find investors for their business. Although their company is advertised as a gun manufacturer, their new product is far from being a weapon. It's a mechanical writing machine developed by Leonora. And she has other ideas for more modern products. However, her mother has decided that it is her duty to find her daughter a rich lord, and she constantly embarrasses   Leonora with her aggressiveness in social situations. Then, one night at a potential investor's house, she realizes that the man who just came in is the one who gave her that memorable kiss!

Despite Rook's plans to avoid commitments, he and Leonora begin spending more time together. Neither wants to marry, however the attraction between them is getting difficult to deny. But one moment of indiscretion could cost them both.

IN WANT OF A VISCOUNT sets into motion a growing love story that neither Leonora nor Rook had planned on. How they handle it all is enjoyable, and, at times, poignant. Book 3 of the Chessmen is a great read.

Jani Brooks

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