The Let's Misbehave Series , Book 1
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-26623-6
October 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Mountain View, California – Present Day

Spending the summer taking care of her sister's twin teenage sons isn't exactly the highlight of writer Lola Cook's summer. Because she has an important project due soon, she enrolls the twins, Harry and William, in some activities, including a football camp run by CEO Gray Barnett. The moment Lola and Gray meet, a sizzle of attraction bursts into flames between them. The teens are a bit of a handful, so when Gray takes Lola into his office and informs her that for every miscreant act by the twins, she'll have to take the punishment—as sub to his Dominant—she's turned on. For a couple who just barely met, acting out D/s fantasies is a big step for a fledging relationship. And Lola can't wait.

Gray started the football camp as a way to get close to his teenage son, Rafe, after the divorce from his ex, but instead, his son is as distant as ever. Lola is a pleasant distraction from all his family issues and it helps that she's heartily into the whole master/slave role playing and enjoys the sex as much as he does. Of course, they have to get together in secret, because neither wants their teens to know that Gray and Lola are into kinky sex. Their secret trysts seem to increase the thrill of it all, but once the summer is over, is there any chance they'll continue their affair? Yet, Lola may end up having second thoughts when she starts receiving messages from a mystery stalker calling her a slut and a whore. Is it someone she knows?

The heat level rockets into high octane orbit with THE NAUGHTY CORNER by Jasmine Haynes. While the fact that a couple who meet and right off the bat decide to get together for some naughty sex might be a bit far from reality, readers who enjoy ultra steamy sex scenes can forget this fact and enjoy this tale. Lola has to also contend with the upcoming deadline for her technical writing project and dealing with the demands of the twins, so getting down and dirty with Gray is a way to blow off steam…so to speak. Gray has his own problems with his son, who is being fed negativity from Gray's ex, and having fun with Lola provides some distraction. The fact that not only are they enjoying the raunchy stuff he does with her, plus she's never done kinky sex before, only adds to the thrill. Yet, between their sexual activities they get to know more about each other and it draws them closer to wanting to make their relationship more than a temporary summer fling. Lola doesn't tell Gray about the calls she's receiving from the unknown stalker, because she isn't sure if it isn't work related—she just turned down a fellow employee for a date—or something else. Are the threats just talk, or will they act upon them? Find out the answer in THE NAUGHTY CORNER.

THE NAUGHTY CORNER is the first book in the Let's Misbehave series, with the second tale due out next year (TEACH ME A LESSON) and will feature Lola's best friend, Charlotte. Will it be just as steamy? You can count on it, as Ms. Haynes knows how to pen some hot, naughty books where you're guaranteed to need some ice cold drinks alongside you.

A steamy, sensual read that adeptly mixes sex with an intriguing story, make THE NAUGHTY CORNER a part of your reading plans.

Holly Tibbs