TEACH ME A LESSON – Jasmine Haynes
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-26624-3
April 2014
Erotic Contemporary Romance

San Francisco Bay Area – Present Day

Licensed as a counselor, Charlotte Moore's main area of expertise is sexual therapy. Currently she's counseling Jeanine Smith, whose husband can't seem to “get it on” and wants her to have sex with other men while he watches. Charlotte has been advising her to fantasize, but the sessions are fraught with Jeanine's fear of losing her husband. Since Charlotte's practice is not yet at full speed, she supplements her income by taking a job as a guidance counselor for kids at a local high school. The moment Charlotte meets the principal, sexual interest rises between them. Is it wrong to get involved with Principal Lance Hutton? He's certainly not the type of man she's looking to date.

Lance is turned on by the beautiful Charlotte with the hot body, but as her boss, has to be careful, especially with faculty and students around. But it doesn't stop him from precipitating contact with her for some spanking since she's “been naughty and needs to be taught a lesson.” Their relationship is of the BDSM type, and it turns them both on as it continues. Of course, each time they meet to satisfy their lust, the more it makes them want to do it again…and again.

Meanwhile, Charlotte gets involved in the angst and troubles of a belligerent teenage girl who has been fighting with a boy. Charlotte wants to reach out and help her, but the girl's own parents are resistant to her suggestions. She tries another tactic by getting the boy involved, but when his parents come to school to meet with her and the girl's parents, Charlotte is stunned to learn the boy is Jeanine's son, and his stepfather is the chairman of the school board.

TEACH ME A LESSON is a lot about the kinky start to Charlotte and Lance's relationship. Neither has tried BDSM before, but this only motivates them to learn about it, including Lance visiting a sex toy shop where he gets an offer from a stranger to be his teacher. Charlotte thought her type of guy had to be younger, or about her age, and Lance is several years older than she is, yet they are well matched sexually. Certainly Lance doesn't suffer from lack of stamina. About every time they have contact at the high school there is suggestive chatter between, which turns them both on. Soon they can't get enough of each other. But when Charlotte's “other job” as sexual therapist causes problems with the parents at school, will Lance stand up for her, or is her job in jeopardy?

I must admit that reading TEACH ME A LESSON gave me a bit of an icky factor at times considering Charlotte and Lance were not only discussing what sexual acts they planned to do with each other, and Lance even went online (on his own computer) to check out sex toy shops, all the while they were on school property. In this day and age of stories about teachers being arrested for accessing porn, child rape, etc, it just made me uncomfortable to see people of authority in TEACH ME A LESSON discussing sex when they're at school. For that reason, I couldn't really enjoy this tale, but if you can get past that part, then it's for you.

TEACH ME A LESSON has lot of sex scenes that sizzle and centers on a couple overcoming odds and finding love.

Holly Tibbs