The Duchess Diaries , Book 2
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4516-8520-6
June 2013
Historical Romance

Floors Castle, Scotland 1813

The Duchess of Roxburghe enjoys her growing reputation as a canny matchmaker. After promoting a match for her last grandnephew, she turns her attention to her many godchildren. Her goddaughter, Lily Balfour, has finally accepted an invitation to one of her house parties, and when she arrives, the duchess learns that Lily must marry money, and soon.

Lily's father is a lovely man who breeds roses, but he‘s lacking in the common sense department. He got himself in a pickle by borrowing from a neighbor and now can't repay the loan and interest. If it isn't paid soon, he could lose their home and possibly his freedom. Hence Lily's willingness to save her family by finding a rich husband even though it might be a great sacrifice. Hers is not a complacent personality.

The duchess's parties always include eligible young people, and a handsome young widower, the Earl of Huntley, is at the top of her list for Lily. Before all the guests have arrived, Lily rides out alone one morning and is tossed by her horse when a fox crosses their path. She comes to with the most handsome man she has ever seen bending over her. He's most solicitous as he checks her out and takes command by easily lifting her on his horse and carrying her back to the castle in his arms…it's not the Earl of Huntley.

Piotr Romanovin, Prince Wulfinski of Oxenburg is the youngest and “poorest” of the four brother princes. But that doesn't mean he's poor. On the contrary; he's taken a large house in the neighborhood for his grandmother and a small, rundown cottage for himself. Wulf wants to marry for love but fears he'll never know if he is loved for himself or for his fortune, so he plans to hide his wealth and live simply. When he comes upon the unconscious Lily, he's stunned to recognize the lady from his dreams and quickly decides she is his.

Ms. Hawkins puts Lily in an impossible position between the ideal earl and the “poor” prince. One is perfectly nice; the other makes her feel things she's never felt before. Other characters bring in even more suspense, and not just the duchess, who, of course, doesn't meddle; she only provides opportunities…as she assures her diary.

HOW TO PURSUE A PRINCESS is full of interesting characters, and anything can happen in this lively tale of head vs. heart…and strong physical attraction. For an emotional, yet amusing read, I highly recommend this second of the Duchess Diaries series. And if you missed book one, HOW TO CAPTURE A COUNTESS (Rose Balfour's story), be sure to get that also. Then wait for number three. That will be the Dahlia's adventure. From the hints in this book, that should be a sure winner.

Jane Bowers