IN DEEP – Chloe Harris
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-3854-2
December 2010
Erotic Historical Romance

Grenada and Georgetown, South Carolina – 1745

Abducted and absconded to the Caribbean island of Grenada, Jaidyn Donnelly will do anything to earn her passage to Georgetown. Although a woman of high class, she'll even offer her services as a whore to earn money. It is during her turn as one that she meets Connor, and their ensuing sexual mating has them both wanting more. But Jaidyn knows she can't become attracted to one of the men she plies her favors to. That is, until Connor offers her passage and safe haven to the United States. This is what she wants, isn't it? But he wants her as his temporary mistress for the duration of the voyage. Can she give herself totally over to a man who makes her body burn? Of course, she has secrets, many of which she can't tell him.

Connor has his own secrets. Right now he is currying an image of being a big bad commander of a ship. He enjoys having sex with Jaidyn, who proves to be as lusty in bed as he. Offering her passage to Georgetown shouldn't be a bad trip if she's in his bed, right? Well, there is the matter of what awaits him there. He could lose his life in the process if caught by the authorities.

A sexy romp that begins in Grenada and then onto the high seas highlights IN DEEP by Chloe Harris. Despite her employment as a whore, Jaidyn isn't particularly proficient in bedroom antics, but one touch from Connor has her losing her inhibitions. Their sexual hijinks rank from prolonged sexual enjoyment to kinky experimentation. Soon Jaidyn isn't a novice when it comes to sex, enjoying the naughty games she plays with Connor. But she is determined to get to Georgetown, even if it means she'll say goodbye to Connor. What is waiting for her there? Namely her father—and something else she hasn't yet told Connor about. If he knew the truth it would likely splinter their relationship right out of the water.

Connor has to keep his own secrets away from Jaidyn because he really wants to spend the time with her, knowing that one wrong move could have his head. The less she knows, the better off she is. Wrongfully accused of a crime, he hopes his brother in Georgetown can protect him. Meanwhile, he's enjoying the lovely Jaidyn, even as she becomes to be more than just a whore to him. Deep in his heart, he realizes she is more than a lady of the night. Could he also be falling for her? Could he offer her a future for them with her as his wife?

Lust, intrigue and plenty of sexual escapades provide for a tale that is sizzling hot and will have readers grabbing for an icy cold drink to cool down. Loosely related to SECRETS OFSIN, Jaidyn and Connor quickly become sympathetic characters, and one will be rooting for them to defeat the “bad guys and forces” that threaten to keep them apart. Their secrets and reasons for keeping them from the other are complicated, mainly for fear of destroying the tenuous relationship they have formed. For a super hot night of reading, be sure to pick up IN DEEP.

Holly Tibbs