HIS SLAVE - Vonna Harper
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-4228-0
July 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Present Day

When journalist Cheyenne Stenson's bosses tell her that she'll be writing a new article for their magazine, she's excited about the opportunity to do more than research.  Then they tell her that they chose her to infiltrate a notorious sex club because of her interests in the BDSM lifestyle, and she's not sure what to think.  It's a little creepy knowing that her bosses have been monitoring her internet searches and know some of her deepest, darkest secrets.  On the other hand, she not only has a chance to experience BDSM, she gets to do so with Mace, the magazine's head of security, and the man who's been starring in a few of her fantasies.

Mace is suspicious when his bosses expect him to help Cheyenne get into the club he frequents.  What he does on his own time is not something he shares, and the fact that these men know is disturbing.  Mace doesn't trust anyone, but something about his bosses sets off alarm bells.  Working with Cheyenne won't be a problem; he'd already thought about dominating her, but she has the potential to get behind his walls, and Mace isn't about to let that happen.

Whether in a scene or having sex outside of role play, the chemistry between them sizzles, and both Cheyenne and Mace find they have more things in common than they'd thought.  But as things between them get more intense, Mace figures out that their bosses are watching a little too closely—and with an agenda.  Now Mace will have to figure out what that agenda is because their little assignment is turning very dangerous.

While new to the BDSM scene, Cheyenne has done enough research that it's not long with Mace before she's HIS SLAVE.  Her anger over the invasion of her privacy fades pretty quickly when offered a chance at what she's been dreaming about, but Mace—who shows no outward reaction to the new—is determined to find out why.  Both Mace and Cheyenne had difficult childhoods, and while Mace's shuffle through the foster care system instilled a need to be in control, the impossible-to-meet standards that Cheyenne's adoptive parents demanded caused the opposite.  The thought of giving over and having someone else be responsible for her reactions is very enticing.  Though the relationship starts out as a sexual one, it becomes a little more, and that relationship will be tested when they finally realize what their bosses are about.

An intriguing story, look for HIS SLAVE.

Jennifer Bishop