Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-4227-3
June 2012
Erotic Romance

Oregon - Present Day

Shari Afton is waiting for a potential client when a gunshot sounds and her beloved dog, Ona, drops to the ground.  Her only concern is protecting Ona, and when the client finally arrives, she enlists his help.  When Maco Durant had called about purchasing guard dogs from her the day before, Shari had been captivated by his voice, and now she can see he has a body that's just as compelling—enough so that he takes her mind off of Ona's injuries.  Having always prided herself on being independent, Shari is disturbed by her reaction to Maco, and tries to put it out of her mind.  After all, she has bigger things to worry about, doesn't she?

Maco Durant and his brother Jason are heading up a controversial construction project and hope the guard dogs will act as a deterrent for anyone looking to cause trouble.  The fact that his problems may have brought trouble to Shari's door brings out the protector in him.  He wants to believe that Ona's shooting was caused by trespassing hunters, but can't ignore the threats that have been made against his project by the radical and often unreasonable protestors.  Sticking close to Shari to keep her safe won't be a hardship, since his body responds to her like a moth to flame.

Sizzling attraction explodes in CANYON SHADOWS.  Shari learned early on to rely only on herself, but it does get a little lonely at times.  Maco is recently divorced and still a bit uncomfortable with how things were in his marriage.  Neither of them is looking for a relationship, but the heat between Shari and Maco is hard to deny.  Add in the threats that keep throwing them together, and it's not long before that attraction takes over, creating an inferno that leaves both of them wondering if this is just lust or something more.  For a sexy romance with a bit of suspense, check out CANYON SHADOWS.

Jennifer Bishop