A Half-Moon Hollow Novel , Book 6
Pocket Star Books
ISBN: 978-1-4767-9441-9
July 2017
Paranormal Romance

Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky - Present Day

Meagan Keene just met the cutest boy at the vampire/human mixer at her dorm, when an Ultimate Frisbee accident took her out.  She wakes up as the undead the next night, totally surprising the cute boy—Ben Overby—and accidentally killing him.  It was weird enough that Meagan woke after only one night (it usually takes three nights to complete the process of becoming a vampire); the fact that she kills Ben with a single bite has the World Council for the Equal Treatment of the Undead worried, and Jane Jameson-Nightengale, the head representative for the Council for Western Kentucky, decides to train her.

When Ben wakes, he's not quite as enamored of Meagan as he'd been before she turned him, which makes basically living together a little uncomfortable.  Both of them are able to continue their schoolwork online, and now they'll be working at the Council's headquarters, as well as living with Jane and her husband Gabriel.  While he may not be happy with her, Ben's going to have to deal with Meagan as they realize the scientist who's supposed to be determining what's different about their vampirism is a little mad, and willing to do whatever it takes to learn about his “test subjects”.

The latest book in the series, ACCIDENTAL SIRE brings together Meagan (first introduced in BIG VAMP ON CAMPUS) and Ben (THE DANGERS OF DATING A REBOUND VAMPIRE).  Their first meeting was going well—up until some vampires using a forty-five pound dumbbell as a Frisbee lost control—but after that their lives become a little bit difficult.  Meagan lived in foster care after her mother's death, so living with strangers isn't that unusual for her; neither is the fact that the people she's living with seem to like Ben better than her.  Of course, Ben grew up in Half-Moon Hollow and is well-known to Jane and her family.  Being cut off from the few friends she has is tough, but as she gets to know the vampire residents of Half-Moon Hollow, Meagan comes to understand that she could have a family—if she's willing to open herself up and trust others.  She's still interested in Ben, but it's a little more difficult for him to come to terms with becoming a vampire, and their romance takes a little bit of a detour.

Told from Meagan's point of view, readers are treated to her snark and sarcasm as well as her insecurities about fitting in.  Quite a few of the newly turned vamps in their group help Meagan to deal with the changes in her life, so fans of the series will enjoy getting a chance to see former characters, including Jane and Gabriel; Dick and Andrea; Ophelia and Jamie; and scene-stealer Georgie.

With both romance and humor, ACCIDENTAL SIRE is a fun and enjoyable story you won't want to miss.

Jennifer Bishop