BLOOD MOON – Teri Harman
The Moonlight Trilogy – Book One
Jolly Fish Press
ISBN: 978-1-939967-00-8
July 2013
YA/New Adult Fantasy

Twelve Acres, Colorado – Past and Present

Willa knew there was something very special about Simon before she even met him. She actually felt his presence first when her entire body seemed electrified. As she was introduced to the new cook at the diner where she was working, Willa felt as if she were dreaming. The clincher came when she woke up that night and looked out the window to see, circled in lamplight, Simon standing out front. When she went to him and they both revealed the heated attraction they had for each other, Willa finally knew it was no dream. From that moment on, it was difficult for them to be apart, although neither understood the situation. That is, until both reveal to each other, in different ways, the secrets they keep from family and friends.

Willa can see ghosts. In fact, one of them is her dearest friend, Solace, who lives at the Twelve Acres History Museum. Willa also has dreams that are all too real. Simon can heal, anyone and anything, which comes to light dramatically when he heals a dog hit by a car. But neither of them understands how or why they have these abilities. Not until the past comes screaming into the future do the two discover that they are witches.

Ruby Plate, the Luminary of her coven, founded the town of Twelve Acres along with other witches. For a long time, it was only inhabited by witches. These were Light Witches who work for peace and normalcy. But also in the world were the Dark Witches, who, if they formed a Dark Covenant, would take the world into darkness and evil. When Ruby died at a fairly young age, her granddaughter, Amelia, became the leader of their coven, but Archard, head of the Dark Witches appeared, and the world changed for everyone.

There can be only one Covenant, be it Light or Dark, and Archard needs two more witches to form a powerful Dark Covenant. He wants Willa and Simon. He will do anything within his magical power to get to them. But he has a deadline—the Blood Moon.

BLOOD MOON is the first book in The Moonlight Trilogy . Labeled as a Young Adult /New Adult Fantasy, anyone who loves a good story with plenty of suspense will enjoy this book. The tale takes us back to Ruby's days at the turn of the last century, setting the stage for the terrifying showdown at the end. But this is a trilogy, so there are a few things left unexplained, although the conclusion of this book is very satisfying.

Really well written, and with excellent characters, both good and bad, BLOOD MOON has an intriguing premise with the promise of more thrills to come in the next two books, BLACK MOON and STORM MOON, due out in 2014 and 2015. I highly recommend this exciting novel!

Jani Brooks