Capitol K-9 Unit, Book 5
Harlequin Love Inspired
ISBN: 978-0-373-44678-0
July 2015
Inspirational Romantic Suspense

Present Day Washington, D.C.

When powerful congressman Harland Jeffries called a press conference to be held at the Washington Memorial, Capitol K-9 Unit Officer Isaac Black and Abby, his bomb sniffing beagle, were assigned to search the area. They found no explosives and the conference was about to begin when Abby suddenly came to alert. Isaac looked to where Abby was staring at a group with Jeffries and knew something was wrong. He was in time to notify the police and his commander who began to move people awayfrom the monument. When the explosion went off, some were injured, but there were no fatalities, thanks to Abby and Isaac. Isaac, however, received a wound to his leg. He worked through the pain until all were taken care of, then went to the ER.

Nurse Danielle Dunne was working the ER that evening when Isaac came in. He found her interesting but very nervous. He was attracted enough to later ask a friend to run a background check and learned her record was pristine, but only went back ten years. It seemed Danielle went into the witness protection system as a teen after she testified against her father for killing her mother—with a bomb under her car. Her father is now out of prison through a technicality,and he's a huge threat to her…somehow her cover was blown.Isaac invites Danielle to his family farm for her protection. He shares the farm with a brother and a sister who also have military backgrounds and strong protective streaks.

Danielle made a good life after the heart-wrenching events of her youth. Now that it is lost to her, can she make peace with herself and with God?

Isaac begins to wonder if the bombings could be linked, and whether Harland Jeffries and his murdered son somehow fit into the picture. That murder and other mysterious incidents of a few months ago have never been solved. The thread runs through the four previous books in the Capitol K-9 Unit series, all by different authors with different K-9 units featured. It's a tantalizing series with suspense and romance well worth the reading.

And don't forget the next tale in August, PROOF OF INNOCENCE, when there will be a new story as well as all the answers.

Jane Bowers