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TILL THERE WAS YOU – Lindsay Hameroff
ISBN: 978-1250902917
February 20, 2024
Contemporary Romance

New York City – Present Day

One night, culinary student Lexi Berman meets aspiring musician Jake Taylor in a dive bar where he’s performing. They hit it off and end up spending a few days and nights together at her apartment. She even makes him her signature dish, Blueberry Pancakes. Fast forward several months later and Jake is a rising superstar with a hit single that he wrote called Blueberry. It’s clear to Lexi that he drew inspiration from her, but she can’t tell anyone. After all, Jake had told her when he left her apartment that morning, they would keep in touch, but he never contacted her. She has even deleted his phone number from her phone. In the meantime, Lexi has graduated from culinary school and has obtained a job in the kitchen of a top restaurant. Then Jake shows up one day at her apartment. It’s like there never was a chasm between them. While she insists that they only be friends, it’s soon clear that they care more about each other than only being friends. But can there be a future between a rock star and an aspiring chef?

TILL THERE WAS YOU takes place over several months and is told only from the viewpoint of Lexi. She is estranged from her father after he remarried shortly after her mother died and moved to Florida. She is living in the family apartment that is almost like a shrine to her mother. Meeting Jake in the bar that night led to an instantaneous attraction between them. Lexi went into the fling knowing that Jake was working on getting a recording contract and becoming a star. At the age of twenty-four, Lexi didn’t mind that because they were both young. However, after he left, she realized how much he meant to her. But it was radio silence from him. Now he’s back in her life and he is taking her on a whirlwind tour of what it’s like to live in the world of the rich and famous. However, Lexi begins to feel uncomfortable. Her job at the restaurant is important and she can’t give up her dreams to follow Jake around like a groupie. He wants to please her, but he has obligations to those around him. How will they resolve their conflicts? Is there a chance for a happily-ever-after for them?

Imagine yourself as an everyday person who suddenly finds yourself being the girlfriend of a famous person. While it might be fun, the stress eventually gets to you because there is always a competition going on from those who demand his attention and you want to be alone with your guy. That is what Lexi is going through in the thoughtful TILL THERE WAS YOU. Jake is a good guy, but his career is as important to him as Lexi’s is to her. As they grow closer, once he returns, the more conflicted she becomes. Should she just break it off and forget about the one man she has fallen for? Their magical love may end up being cursed. Find out what happens by grabbing a copy of TILL THERE WAS YOU.

Patti Fischer

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