An American Heiress in London
ISBN: 978-0-06-211817-2 (Print)
ISBN: 978-0-06-211818-9 (eBook)
November 2013
Historical Romance

England – 19 th Century

Lady Belinda Featherstone is a matchmaker for wealthy American girls who, like her, came to England to find a titled husband. Although her own marriage was not at all what she expected, as the widow of the Earl of Featherstone, she has earned respect and a place in Society. Her main goal is to steer naïve young women away from the unsuitable men who are only interested in their money, something she knows quite a bit about. Everything doesn't always work out great in her matches, but for the most part, she has been successful.

Nicholas Stirling, the Marquess of Trubridge shows up on Belinda's doorstep one day, hiring her to help him find a rich young heiress to help him get his fortune back. But his rakish reputation and cheeky demeanor (he actually flirts with Belinda, to her shock), have Belinda on the defensive. Yes, she'll find the marquess the perfect bride…one he will well deserve. However, when the brash Nicholas kisses her, a little bit of Belinda's steely defenses begins to crack.

It's not just Belinda who is adversely affected by that kiss. To Nicholas's surprise, he wishes the lovely matchmaker were rich, for she has stirred an almost forgotten part of his heart. Nicholas's father, the Duke of Landsdowne, is a brute who has never given his only son any attention but the negative kind. Everything that Nicholas wanted, his father made sure he didn't get it: a science degree from Cambridge (Landsdownes only go to Oxford!), and worst of all the duke paid off the one woman Nicholas loved to stay away from him. Since then Nicholas has made certain that everything he did with his life was the opposite of what his father expected of him. Now, however, with his father cutting off his income from Nicholas's mother's bequest, it is time he find another way to survive. So, despite his heart yearning for the feisty, testy matchmaker, Nicholas must find a girl with loads of money.

WHEN THE MARQUESS MET HIS MATCH is the perfect title for this book. Not only has Nicholas met his match in intelligence, but to him, he feels Belinda is the woman for him—if only she were rich! There are plenty of “discussions” between the two that will make readers grin. And Belinda's growing realization that this rogue is wooing her is priceless. She's tough, though, trying desperately to control her feelings and not succumb to Nicholas's charms. He is, after all, her client.

Don't miss this wonderfully written love story. The An American Heiress in London series promises to be terrific.

Jani Brooks