A Kilts and Quilts Novel
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-46829-1
June 2014
Contemporary Romance

Gandiegow, Scotland Present Day

After her philandering husband dies in his mistress's bed, Caitriona MacLeod needs to find herself again. She'd given up her journalism career to be a good wife, and now Cait needs to figure out how to get back into her field of work. Cait returns to her place of birth, Gandiegow, Scotland, and to the only family she has left, her irascible grandmother, Deydie. Arriving on a cold, wintry December night to claim her newly purchased cottage, Cait discovers that the house has burned down, and her neighbor, Duncan, a boy she'd grown up with, is the son of famous, and extremely handsome, actor Graham Buchanan. It's thanks to Graham, who, at first, is suspicious that she's a reporter, that Cait has a roof over her head, for he lets her use the room over his pub temporarily. But to Cait, finding the elusive and secretive Graham sets off her journalistic heart no one knows where he goes between movies, and she can break this story and get back into her field.

For years, Graham has been able to keep the press from discovering his hometown and the son he has kept sheltered from the media. Duncan, a single father, is a fisherman, who greatly resents not having his father around during his growing years and vows not to let this happen to his son, Mattie. Sadly, Mattie witnessed a terrible disaster, and he hasn't spoken since, but is otherwise a fairly happy, healthy child raised by not only his father, but the tight-knit community of Gandiegow. Graham has built a mansion on the bluff and would like his son and grandson to live there, but Duncan stubbornly refuses. Duncan is also keeping a secret from everyone, one that will affect many people who love him.

Deydie is a tough grandmother to warm to, as far as Cait is concerned. But her gran includes her in her quilting circle, and Cait begins to meet and appreciate the wonderful citizens of her hometown. Still, she would like to gain access to Graham's house to find some good gossip for her story. After contacting People magazine, Cait has to produce something soon to get her career back in gear. Nagging her, though, is the thought of hurting the people of Gandiegow who have been so protective of Graham. Can Cait steel her heart and think of only her job potential? Or will Graham and the town's people convince her that it's not that important?

TO SCOTLAND WITH LOVE is the author's debut novel, and it's a lovely blend of quilting, romance, and poignant events. Both Cait and Graham need to heal their hearts, and both start by going about it the wrong way. Cait thinks only of her career, while Graham wants to make up for the years he was away from his son. One major event will force them to come to grips with reality. Gandiegow's residents are a mix of wonderful souls; Deydie is the heart of the village, and the enclosed community will make readers yearn to live there. And who can deny the beauty and uniqueness of Scotland?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, although Cait did annoy me many times with her selfish behavior. Readers will have to see if she redeems herself! Don't miss this debut book in what I hope will be a long running series!

Jani Brooks