SNAPPED - Laura Griffin
Tracer Series , Book 4
Pocket Star Books
ISBN: 978-1451617-368
September 2011
Romantic Suspense

Austin, Texas - Present Day

Sophie Barrett is not a stranger to danger and tragedy, having barely escaped with her life from a serial killer earlier in the year with the help of homicide detective Jonah Macon.  But even Sophie was not prepared for the terror of a gunman intent on death at the college campus.  Sophie was in a hurry, on her lunch break, to register for classes when death came calling.  When the bullets stop, three people are dead, many are wounded, and the gunman is dead by his own hand.  Relief at surviving the senseless attack soon gives way to fear when Sophie begins to think this was not a random shooting, and she may be the only person who knows the gunman did not act alone.

Detective Johan Macon never expected to see Sophie Barrett in the cross fire again.  Since her ordeal last winter he has stayed away.  But there is something about the woman that draws him in.  When Sophie tells Jonah she doesn't believe the shooter acted alone, Jonah doesn't want to believe it, for many reasons, some professional but just as many personal.  Jonah has never gotten Sophie out of his mind.  But as the evidence mounts, and Sophie's life is threatened, Jonah realizes that Sophie might be right and she is the only witness they have.  Keeping Sophie alive will be hard, keeping his hands off her might just be impossible.  But Jonah dare not get involved with a witness…no matter how much he wants her.

Wow!!  There really isn't another word for this novel.  This was my first novel by Laura Griffin but will definitely not be my last.  The plot is meticulously crafted, the dialogue realistic and compelling, and the character development is phenomenal.  Going into to this book I realized I was coming in on the second act.  Many of the characters and some of the action related to those characters took place in previous novels. (Which I am now determined to track down and read).  However, despite the fact that there is some information I was not privy to going into the book, the author captured my attention with her riveting prose and complex character interaction.  I've labeled this novel a Romantic Suspense, though to be fair to readers, the romance comes very late in the book, but the suspense is spine tingling from the first page.

SNAPPED has it all: an intriguing plot, surprise twists, engaging characters, and a romance that is believable.  This is no hearts and flowers romance, but it is a compelling, gritty novel of suspense filled with characters that are fully fleshed out and believable.  What really sold me on this book are the characters. Though the suspense and story was top notch, the characters were very realistically drawn.

If you love a good mystery, suspense, and exquisite character development, do not miss SNAPPED.  One of the best romantic suspense or suspense novels I've read.  I highly recommend SNAPPED.  And now I'm off to find Ms. Griffin's back list!  Brava!

Terrie Figueroa