MUST LOVE WIENERS by Casey Griffin
A Rescue Dog Romance , Book 1
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-08467-5
August 2016
Contemporary Romantic Comedy

San Francisco, California, Present Day

Piper Summers really, really loves animals. That's why she's devoted the last eight years working to become a veterinarian. She only has a few weeks to go before she takes the licensing exam. How did she put herself through all this schooling? Well, right now she works three jobs. She's a taxi driver, a pizza delivery person and she delivers singing telegrams. Piper also volunteers at the SFO Dachshund Rescue Center. Piper and her dachshund, Colin, are devoted to each other; she smuggles him in and out of her no-pet apartment in her backpack.

On a bad day in which she gets fired from two of her jobs, Piper dresses as a flirty cowgirl to deliver a singing telegram to Aiden Caldwell, a handsome billionaire CEO of his own company. They both leave the building at about the same time and meet in the street. When she gets into a brangle with a rival cabbie, Aiden tries to help her by hiring her to take him somewhere. It doesn't work well; her cab—with his briefcase in it—is stolen out from under their noses. After the police report, Piper is late for her shift at the shelter, and who should come in to pick up Sophie, his newly adopted dog, but the sexy CEO? Later, Aiden hires Piper to be his dog walker.

It turns out that Aiden recently acquired the property the shelter is on. Soon it's one act of vandalism after another.

Wow! Suspense is ratcheted up as violence and the number of suspects increase. Yet all is interspersed with humorous banter among the shelter staff and the gradual strengthening of sexual attraction between Piper and Aiden.

Great characters and a lively and captivating plot make this a terrific read. And if you like dogs, that's all the better.

Jane Bowers