THE SURVIVOR – Shelley Shepard Gray
Families of Honor , Book 3
Avon Inspire
ISBN:   978-0-06-202063-5
September 2011
Inspirational Amish Romance

Jacob's Crossing, Ohio - Present Day

Matilda Lapp is THE SURVIVOR.  She has battled cancer and almost won.  Now, she's ready to find a loving partner, get married, and raise babies; if the doctor will approve and tell her she is cancer free.  And Graham Weaver is just he man she wants to settle down with.  Problem is, he never treats her as anything but a friend. What's a girl to do?

Maybe jealousy will work. Mattie asks Graham to set her up with someone from his work.  Graham listens patiently while she takes the time to explain, in great detail, her plan to date, get married, and have babies.  And blast him—he agrees to help her find a man!  That is not what Mattie had in mind at all.  Even so, she must follow through on her request and make the acquaintance of the man Graham introduces her to, William.  Maybe she can still make Graham just a wee bit jealous?

Graham Weaver loves Mattie.  She's all he ever wanted, even during the bad times of her illness when he held her hand while she hugged the toilet late into the night, sick from the chemotherapy.  He sees that she gets to her doctor appointments, and he even jokes with her about losing her hair.  Anything to keep a smile on her lovely face.  But, Mattie is always the pillar of decorum, and she still treats Graham like an older brother, not the man she might want to marry.  And now, she wants Graham to pick out her perfect mate!  How can he stand by and watch the love of his life with another man, worse yet, one he picked for her?  And when he was dumb enough to suggest they date other people, he started dating Jenna, but Mattie never batted an eyelash.  But she's batting plenty now; Jenna has declared that Graham is the father of her child!  And he never even kissed her!  Even so, the town gossips have him drawn, quartered and guilty, without the chance to defend himself.  And what does Miss Mattie do?  She's listening to the gossips and believing them!

THE SURVIVOR is a heartfelt romance and the final book in the Families of Honor series.  The story that began in THE CAREGIVER (March 2011), when Mattie was fighting her breast cancer, and continued in THE PROTECTOR (August 2011), now wraps up the stories of the Weaver brothers, Calvin, Loyal and Graham, as they each find his happy-ever-after.  Each novel stands alone, but you really want to read them all; they're great!

THE SURVIVOR will melt your heart and help you fall in love all over again!

Diana Risso