FOUND – Shelley Shepard Gray
The Secrets of Crittenden County , Book 3
Avon Inspire
ISBN: 978-0-06-208975-5
September 2012
Inspirational Amish Suspense

Marion, Kentucky – Present Day

Crittenden County is still deep in the investigation of Perry Borntrager's murder. Perry's sister, Deborah, plods through her days wondering if she did the right thing by not revealing what she knows to Sheriff Mose Kramer. But that one piece of paper might send her friend to jail.

Jacob Schrock feels as if his world has fallen apart; no matter what, he can't undo what was done. He fought with Perry before he died, and the guilt continues to eat away at him. He can't help being angry around everyone and anyone in his path: his parents, his friends, and Deborah, the woman he loves but can't have. Her brother is dead, and Jacob knows she will never forgive him for what happened the night Perry died.

Cincinnati homicide detective Luke Reynolds is still in Crittenden County helping Sheriff Mose Kramer solve Perry's murder. All evidence points to one person, and even though Luke wants this case wrapped up, he doesn't want to leave Crittenden County and his new love, Frannie Esch. But one thing is clear: someone is keeping a deadly secret. Every person Luke and Mose question claims to know nothing. It seems like the entire Amish community has gone underground when it comes to the facts in Perry's murder.

FOUND is the final installment of Shelley Shepard Gray's trilogy, The Secrets of Crittenden County . Inside the covers of MISSING (March 2012) we discovered Perry's body in the old well on the Miller farm; THE SEARCH (June 2012) led us to new suspects and more secrets; and now, in FOUND, we discover a killer. Who is it?

Dynamic characters and a riveting story wrap up all the loose threads of this series into a nice, neat package of books you must have for your collection! Jacob and Deborah's romance has a long way to go and is shadowed by Deborah's secret and Jacob's actions the night Perry died. FOUND is a great end to a perplexing mystery! And I am hoping this isn't really the end of these great characters in Crittenden County—I want more stories!

Diana Risso