Seasons of Sugarcreek - Book 4
Avon Inspire - Trade Paperback (reissue)
ISBN: 978-0-06-219640-8
October 2012
Inspirational Amish Suspense

Sugarcreek, Ohio - Present Day

Judith Graber has always been the dutiful daughter, the perfect student, and the girl who does everything correctly.  She's there to take care of her younger siblings and do what was expected of her, which is, of late, being the only family member to work in their store.  When her father hires Ben Knox to help for the Christmas shopping season, Judith isn't sure how she feels about the change, or about seeing Ben again after all these years.  They were never a couple, but Judith was more aware of Ben than any of the other boys, he intrigues her.

Benjamin Knox left Sugarcreek under a veil of scandal and gossip.  He has been labeled the bad boy, and the entire town still whispers about him to this day, even though he's been gone a few years.  After his mother left when he was young, Ben became the scapegoat for anything and everything that went wrong.  He continually shouldered the blame, first to protect his sister from his father's hand, then because he didn't have the courage to stand up for himself.  The town continued to blame Ben for any misdoing, and he just allowed them to believe what they thought was the truth.  Now, he's back in Sugarcreek to sell his father's house.  He wants to move on with his life.  And, Ben wants to see Judith Graber just one more time.  He's always been in love with her, but he's never been good enough.  Judith is perfect.  Ben isn't.  But when Judith's father offers him a temporary job, Ben snaps up the opportunity, just to be around Judith one last time.

CHRISTMAS IN SUGARCREEK is a truly wonderful novel for the holiday season!  Full of romance and giving, this story is special.  Judith and Ben are falling in love, but neither wants to admit their feelings.  Young Caleb Graber is also falling for Rebecca Yoder, but Rebecca is hiding secrets.  Meanwhile, Lilly Miller is trying to cook at least one unburnt meal for her husband Robert while she searches for the perfect Christmas gift.

All three stories come together in a heartwarming and touching retelling of a magical Christmas.  CHRISTMAS IN SUGAR CREEK is the fourth book in the Seasons of Sugarcreek series, and was first issued last year in hardcover.  Newly released in trade paperback size, this novel is a welcome edition to your bookshelf.  The characters are very special.  You will laugh and cry as their stories play out to an uplifting conclusion.

Diana Risso