A SON'S VOW Shelley Shepard Gray
A Charmed Amish Life Book, First of 4
Avon Inspire
ISBN: 978-0-06-233779-5
E-ISBN: 978-0-06-233780-1
February 2016
Amish Contemporary Romance

Charm, Ohio, the Present

Charm is a small rural town with many Amish living in and around it. In December, three months ago, a tragedy hit the community when the residents' main employer, the Kinsinger Lumber Mill, had a fire that killed five men, including the owner. It was officially deemed an accident resulting from a series of items thrown into a dumpster. But most of the town blamed one man, John Kurtz, the last one to toss something into it. As he was one of the victims and thus unreachable, some took their anger out on his family. Mrs. Kurtz couldn't take the sorrow and resentment and left the area, leaving behind her seven children! As the eldest, Darla Kurtz took over mothering the younger ones while working full time at the local Post Office. The eldest son, Aaron, worked at the mill. His losses and the blame attributed to his father worked together to produce a deep down anger in him. He tried to divert the blame from his father to laxity on the part of the management.

As the eldest son, Lucas Kinsinger took up running the mill with the help of his brother, and even his two sisters. He was so busy, he missed seeing his best friend from childhood, Darla Kurtz. When he became aware of the abuse she was suffering from some of the residents, including actual physical abuse from Aaron, he made it his business to look out for her. You can imagine how Aaron felt about his interference!

The above is just the beginning of a strong character driven story that features the Kinsinger and Kurtz families and many of their friends and neighbors. Strong themes of love, faith and forgiveness prevail.

The future books in the series (all coming out this year) will feature the rest of the Kinsinger siblings. This May will see Rebecca Kinsinger's story, A DAUGHTER'S DREAM, but watch also for the many other fully developed characters. I was taken with one such in A SON'S VOW, Hannah Eicher, and can't wait to see more of her.

Don't miss the tales of love, loss and forgiveness in A SON'S VOW and in the sure to be inspirational rest of this Charmed Amish Life series. There is a peek at the next release in the back of the book along with other interesting items.

Jane Bowers