A SISTER'S WISH – Shelley Shepard Gray
The Charmed Amish Life , Book 3 of 4
Avon Inspire
ISBN: 978-0-06-233783-2
October 2016
Amish Contemporary Romance

The Present in Charm, Ohio

Thirteen years ago, a bruised fifteen-year old Simon Hochstetler had had his fill of abuse from his cruel parents and decided to leave home forever. With $88 in his pocket he began the long walk to a bus and freedom. He thought no one noticed him, but he was wrong. Sweet young Amelia Kinsinger, his best friend's little sister, caught up with him. He'd always had a soft spot in his heart for her, and she begged him to stay, but he couldn't. That soft spot lingered in his heart through all the hard years ahead . . .

Simon is back now with a manager position at the Kinsinger Lumber Mill run by his old friend Lukas Kinsinger. They are still friends, but Lukas wants Simon to stay away from Amelia, now twenty-two. But Simon can tell she still feels some of her old childhood crush, so he has been calling on her when no one is around. Their secret is out when Simon finds Amelia in the barn needing emergency care.

Rumors circulate about Simon's life when he was away, but few know the whole truth, that he got in with a bad crowd and spent time in prison. Still, Lukas remained his friend, but now convinces Simon he's no good for Amelia. And what does Amelia think of that? She's hurt and angry at her siblings for treating her like a child without a mind of her own. Trying times lie ahead for all concerned.

While A SISTER'S WISH is an emotionally charged story with secrets and mistakes, it's also a tale of good people learning and loving and growing.

This novel is filled with characters, some unexpectedly returning to Charm. To fully appreciate the setting and cast, it's best to read them all and in order. For sure and for certain you will be pleased . . . it's a charming series. (Excuse the obvious pun—couldn't resist it.)

Jane Bowers