An Amish Brides of Pinecraft Novel, Book 4
Avon Inspire
ISBN: 978-0-6-233777-1
October 2015
Inspirational Contemporary Romance

Pinecraft, Florida, a Small Amish and Mennonite Community Next to Sarasota

Beverly Overholt left her Ohio home after her fiancé and best friend betrayed her. She moved in with her aunt to help her run her Orange Blossom Inn. She then inherited the inn when her aunt died…at least she thought she did. The inn is actually owned by Eric Wagler, an Englischer from Pennsylvania, who hired Beverly to manage it. It's essentially her much loved home. Beverly has many friends in the peaceful community and many clients who come south in the winter. Then one fateful day she returns home from shopping for Christmas gifts to find police cars outside the inn. The unthinkable has happened. The inn has been broken into, vandalized and searched; her cash box is missing. Her first thought is to call Eric, who has become a good friend. He hurries to Pinecraft to be with her. As you can imagine, the crime upsets the whole community, but everyone rallies around Beverly.

The last book in thisfour novels plus a novella series includes a mystery and two major romances. A CHRISTMAS BRIDE IN PINECRAFT may be more intense thanits prequels, but it still winds upheartwarming and uplifting. I highly recommend this whole series, but suggest starting at the beginning; that way you will get to know the town and its many likable inhabitants, even a couple of four legged ones. Also, in the back of the book, look for some pictures and facts about Pinecraft, words from the author, a Christmas cookie recipe, and a peek at an upcoming new series.

Jane Bowers