Grand Central Publishing's Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-56848-7
October 2011
Contemporary Romance

Plano, Texas - Present Day

Having reached the age of thirty, marketing executive Alison Carter is beginning to think she won't find her Prince Charming after dating so many frogs. Desperate, she contacts a matchmaking service, only to discover the business owner recently died and the service has been taken over by her grandson, Brandon Scott. Can Alison find a love match using a male matchmaker? But Brandon convinces her that he has his grandmother's touch at matching couples, so she agrees to pay him the money and he begins the task of finding her a match.

Brandon is deceiving Alison. He has no intention of even caring whether he finds her a match; he only wants the money prospective clients will give him because he needs to finance a real estate deal in Houston. Yet deep down he feels some compassion for Alison. After all, she seems like a really nice person, plus she's attractive and shouldn't have to be coming to a matchmaker for assistance. When some of the prospective guys he sends her way turns out to be duds, he questions whether it's just luck or maybe he doesn't want her to find a man for her. Could it be because he is the man for her?

A cute and funny tale, HEARTSTRINGS AND DIAMOND RINGS will surely bring a smile to a reader's face. Brandon seems like a cad, yet deep down we know he really has a thing for Alison. But with his ulterior motives and his guilt over them, he keeps pushing aside any feelings he might have for her. Time and time again, Alison comes to him, at first angry over the mismatched dates and then because Brandon has a good, broad shoulder for her to lean on. Soon they learn of the things they have in common, and though they spar, it's friendly. Alison is completely taken in by Brandon as the matchmaker. She even helps him market himself and the company. The more she helps, the more Brandon 's guilt intensifies. When will he tell her the truth, and how will she take it?

Minor characters of note are Brandon 's best friend and business partner, Tom, who is urging him on, yet seems skeptical Brandon can pull it off. Heather McCaffrey is Alison's best friend and, along with her husband Tony, runs the neighborhood bar. Heather is suspicious of Brandon , even as Alison defends him. Alison's father, Charlie, is still mourning Alison's late mother after fifteen years. Will he find a woman before the end of HEARTSTRINGS AND DIAMOND RINGS?

If you love stories that will make you smile and tug at your heartstrings, then I highly recommend HEARTSTRINGS AND DIAMOND RINGS. Jane Graves once again wins readers with this feel good tale. Brandon may start out a cad, but love will surely cure him of that, and Alison is just the right lady for the job.

Patti Fischer