Dark Kings Series , Book 7
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-07193-4
July 2015
Paranormal Romance

Edinburgh, Scotland The Present

Darcy Allen, a Druid from Skye, now lives in Edinburgh. Three years ago a man named Ulrik came to her shop where she reads palms and Tarot cards. She helped him, and in doing so discovered he was a Dragon King, one whose magic was bound by other Dragon Kings. She helped him get some of his magic back, but she never trusted him. Not taking sides, she not only knows his anguish, but also the reason for his punishment. Now Ulrik shows up to tell her trouble is coming her way, and then the Dragon King Warrick saves her from the clutches of a soul-stripping Dark Fae, beings she never knew existed before Ulrik. The Dark Fae besiege her residence and store, and while Warrick remains to protect her, he also want to know what she knows about Ulrik. This Dragon King attracts her like no man ever has, but she knows when he learns what she has done, he and the other Dragon Kings will hate her.

The King of Dragon Kings, Con, has sent Warrick and Thorn to Edinburgh to learn how Darcy is involved with Ulrik. What Warrick doesn't expect is his strong attraction to the beautiful red-headed Darcy, but despite his attraction, Warrick has never considered a life mate. When the Dark launch attacks against Darcy, the two Dragon Kings have their hands full trying to protect her.

This is the seventh book in this series, and while it is an entertaining read, it will help readers' understanding to have read the previous volumes. Many, many characters from those volumes play parts in this story, and the overall series plot line becomes more convoluted with each volume. The Light Fae Rhi's story continues, as does the threat of the coming confrontation between Con and Ulrik. Darcy brings a new understanding of Ulrik and his motives to the series, and her common sense and nonpartisan viewpoint will also make sense to the characters involved in the coming war. She also discovers something about herself that others have hidden that shocks and dismays her. What will happen remains to be discovered, but Darcy and Warrick's romance may change many outcomes.

Robin Lee