Dark Kings Series, Book 8
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 1-250-0-7195-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-250-0-7195-8
January 2016

Scotland - The Present

Ulrick, the exiled Dragon King from previous stories, witnesses the Dragon King Darius coupling with a human in an alley outside an Edinburgh hospital. He has planned and worked for thousands of years for the downfall of the Dragon Kings, especially their leader, Constantine, and another particular thorn he hates, Darius. He plans his revenge carefully.

Darius believes he had lost his soul mate long ago, but his heartache cannot deny his attraction to Sophie. Since he knows Ulrick and the Dark Fae, who feed on human souls, remain in Edinburgh, he knows his attention places Sophie in great danger. He resists his urges, but it is becoming a lost battle, yet he will protect Sophie no matter what comes.

Sophie, a doctor at the hospital, has barred her heart from hurt since her move from London. She is interested only in giving her patients the best care she can. Having sex with Darius was exhilarating but threatens her heart's peaceful security, yet she cannot escape her body's craving for him.

Along with the situation between Darius and Sophie, Ulrick stalks her intent on his revenge against Darius, and the situation with the war of the Dark Fae against the Dragon Kings and their allies, the Light Fae, continues. The Light Fae Rhi, another well-known character in the series, tries to come to terms with the loss of her unidentified former Dragon King lover and with her former friend, now a Dark Fae, Balladyn. Rhi also finds she cannot shake the invisible Fae tracking her. So many things are happening in this world, fans will not want to miss this story.

Robin Lee