A Dark Kings Novel Book 9
St. Martin's Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-250-07196-5
April 2016
Fantasy Romance

Scotland The Present

Kinsey Burns was beyond devastated when Ryder left her. They had met in Glasgow, and their first shared glance resulted in instant attraction and love on Kinsey's part. Then Ryder just disappeared, leaving her a note stating their affair was over. She pretends her broken heart has healed in the three years since then, or it was, until a month ago, when a dragon appeared and changed into Ryder right in front of her. He saved her from her attacker but scared her to death at the same time. Luckily, her computer job at Kyvor has given her an assignment at Dreagan, the famous whiskey maker, so at least she can get away.

While Dreagan whiskey is a world famous company, what isn't common knowledge is that the sixty thousand acres surrounding the distillery is Dragon King territory and provides a great cover for the men-dragon shifters. Ryder watches all security at Dreagan. Right now his cameras follow M15 agents across their property. Ever since the Dark Fae released a video of Dragons, which has gone viral, none of the Dragon Kings had been able to shift into their Dragon persona, even at Dreagan. He also continues his search for the estranged former Dragon King, Ulrick, who wants his revenge against the King of Dragon Kings, Constantine. Since leaving Kinsey, Ryder has watched other Dragon Kings find loving partners. The ceremony making the human women Dragon King mates makes them immortal, their lives forever tied to their Dragon King. The thought that he abandoned his true mate haunts Ryder. He saved her from a Dark Fae a month ago, but she ran from him screaming in fear. Although he keeps track of her through his extensive computer surveillance system, he never expects to see her in person again. Then his security cameras show Kinsey emerging from her car in the Dreagan parking lot! Why did she come?

Kinsey, surprised to find herself in Ryder's territory, soon learns no one at Dreagan requested digital security help from Kyvor, putting her presence under suspicion. Then she learns someone has been tracking her since she first met Ryder. When she learns of the Dragon King-Dark Fae conflict, she is determined to prove herself innocent, but who at Kyvor would do such a thing? All leads end nowhere. She knows her trusts issues with Ryder will force her to leave, but her undeniable attraction to him remains, and his to her, which causes unforeseen consequences.

This is the ninth book in this series, and if you are a new to the stories, you can jump in with this book. Characters from previous stories do play important roles, so you might miss some things. However, if this is your first book, you will enjoy catching-up with former volumes.

Robin Lee