NIGHT'S BLAZE- Donna Grant
A Dark Kings Novel , Book 5
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-06073-0
April 2015
Fantasy Romance

Scotland - The Present

The Dragon King Rhys was wounded in the last volume of this series. Only a Dragon King, a king of all the dragons of a specific hue, can kill another Dragon King. Yet, somehow, while helping in a daring rescue, Dragon Magic was laced with dark magic, and a blast of it hit Rhys. Rhys knows only Ulrick, the exiled Dragon King, could have injured him, but a mystery remains. All of the other Kings spelled Ulrick so he could no longer shift to dragon form or use his magic, sentencing Ulrick to live eternity in human form. So how could he have done this? Rhys recovered except he can no longer shift between dragon form and human. He chose to remain in human form because he is enamored with Lily Ross, one of the workers in the Dreagon Whiskey shop. She might even be his mate.

Lily is a shy person, reticent in talking about her past, but the wives of the men working at Dreagon Distillery have noticed her scars. Rhys kissed her once. The event left Lily with a constant anticipation and longing. She wonders how such a handsome, strong, but kind man could be interested in such a weakling as herself. What would Rhys or any of her new friends think if they knew the truth about the demands Dennis, her ex-lover, ordered about allowing him access to Dreagon? She thought she had escaped his abusive tyranny a year ago, but learns he has been watching her, ready to make threats against her estranged family if she fails his ultimatum.

The situations are emotionally and physically suspenseful between Rhys and Lily and their battle with Dennis. Rhys knows if he loses Lily, he will have lost everything. However, it is what is going on with Rhi, the Light Fae, who broke the impossible to break chains that held her in the Dark Fae realm in the previous volume, and the chance to peer into the mind of evil Ulrick that will intrigue readers. All the Dragon Kings sleeping away the millennium are awakening for the coming battle between the forces of evil and the protectors of humankind, so the next volume is sure to keep readers' nervous anxiety about the characters mounting, and still waiting to learn just which Dragon King was Rhi's lover.

Robin Lee