A Dark Kings Novel Book 10
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-10953-8
March 2017

Fair Isle and Dreagan, Scotland The Present

Constantine, the King of all the Dragon Kings, has sent Dimitri, King of the Whites, to his former home of Fair Isle to investigate the rumor of a dragon skeleton under excavation. Any evidence of a dragon must be destroyed if the rumor is true. Long ago, before he left his home, Dimitri had searched all the caves on his island home and found none. He would never have left one of his dragons dead and the body abandoned without an honorable farewell. Where did this skeleton come from?

Dimitri, like all Dragon Kings, has a love-hate relationship with humans. The dragons had sworn an oath to protect humans when they first appeared on Earth, but the creatures have betrayed dragons and even engaged in a war with them. That led to all dragons but the Kings being sent to another realm for their safety. When he first sees the woman archeologist lost in her own world of work and carefully uncovering the skeleton of one of his white dragons, things change for Dimitri. His body and mind react to Faith in a way he has never felt toward a human woman.

Dr. Faith Reynolds is a dedicated archeologist. She chose the Fair Isles and this particular cave for her excavation site. No one believes, as she does, that she has uncovered the bones of an otherwise mythological creature. Unfortunate incidents require her team to hire someone to protect the camp, its residents, and the bone site. What she doesn't expect is her attraction to the man, Dimitri. What else she discovers about him when he saves her life changes her dramatically.

The Dark King Novels continue with two stories weaving together. The main story tells of Dimitri and Faith's romance, involving many characters from previous novels. Their love is challenged by enemies from both the present and the past, and some startling new developments. The second story threads through all of the novels. The familiar characters of Rhi, the Light Fae, and Balladyn, her Dark Fae lover, continues. So does the war of the Dark Fae against both the Light Fae and the Dragon Kings. The dis-enthroned King of the Silver Dragons, Ulrik, continues to carry on with his plan to destroy Constantine and becoming King of the Dragon Kings. It is a dark and convoluted world, but readers will understand FIRESTORM without having read the previous novels but may want to catch up after reading this one.

Robin Lee