The Hunter Pact , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2243
ISBN: 978-0-373-73256-2
July 2013
Series Romance

Los Angeles, California and Mountain Ridge, Oklahoma – Present Day

With his younger half-brother's life in potential danger, billionaire movie studio boss Dex Hunter agrees to take the little tyke for a few weeks. However, Dex will need to find a reliable nanny for the boy, and thinks he's found one in Shelby Scott. Almost immediately Dex recognizes that he's sexually interested in Shelby, but getting involved with the woman who's caring for his half-brother, Tate, wouldn't be a good idea…or so he tells himself. Time spent together only intensifies the attraction, and soon makes it impossible to ignore.

Shelby came to Los Angeles for a new start in life after an embarrassing scandal back home in Mountain Ridge. Getting involved with her boss is not the best way to start out, yet Dex is irresistible. He makes it clear that there isn't any future between them, so she wonders if she can walk away from an affair with him after the job assignment is over. When a family emergency has her returning to Oklahoma, Dex and Tate come along, and Dex sees Shelby in her old world, and his reaction surprises them both.

Putting the past behind isn't always possible, and in TEMPTATION ON HIS TERMS, both Shelby and Dex learn that they have to deal with the past before they can move forward. Dex's childhood wasn't always the best, but he's happy to run the company movie studio far away from his hometown in Australia. He agreed to take Tate because he is family, after all, and hiring Shelby, who is well qualified, was a stroke of luck, despite the attraction he feels for her. Dex thinks having her in his bed will quench the thirst he has for Shelby, yet it only makes him want more.

Shelby didn't want to return home, but her father's health is important, so she agrees, hoping the reason she left in the first place won't be brought up. But it's hard to avoid, especially when she runs into her former best friend—and wounds are reopened. Dex feels sympathy for her and vows to make folks in Mountain Ridge think she has moved on—with him. But they're playing a dangerous game with their hearts. Shelby's reasons for leaving—and what happens when she comes back—is a big part of TEMPTATION ON HIS TERMS. Dex won't promise her the moon, but he will give her a reason to move on with her life. Too bad her heart will break in the process…

TEMPTATION ON HIS TERMS is part of the Hunter Pact series by Robyn Grady, which revolves around the threats made against the Hunter family by an unknown person. Tate has been shipped to the United States for protection, and Dex would do anything for his little half-brother. It doesn't take long for Dex and Shelby to address their attraction for each other, and while both realize how acting upon it in front of Tate could prove dangerous, temptation is hard to resist. In TEMPTATION ON HIS TERMS, readers will sympathize with Shelby over her past, and want to possibly whack Dex for pressuring her into an affair. Yet, his romantic gesture at the end redeems him and helps make TEMPTATION ON HIS TERMS an enthralling read.

Patti Fischer