Dynasties: The Lassiters , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2318
ISBN: 978-0-373-73331-6
August 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles and the nearby mountains of California – Present Day

The scandal involving the Lassiters has impacted their charity foundation and, as its head, Becca Stevens wants to put an end to the uproar. So she confronts the man behind the hostile takeover, Jack Reed, to ask him to cease his plans. Jack is a very charismatic man, but stubborn, and challenges Becca to change his mind. She accepts and shows him how the “other half” lives, far from his privileged lifestyle. On one of their outings, she takes him to her mountain cabin where it's rustic and out of the way. She figures if she distracts him enough, he might give up on his plans. She didn't expect that it would lead to hot kisses between them…and much more.

Jack can't let Becca know that he's attracted to her because he can't become distracted by lust while he tackles the takeover of Lassiter Media. He's working with Angelica Lassiter, the spurned daughter of the late J.D. Lassiter, who left his only daughter mostly out of his will. She's been fighting this with Jack's help, and they are closing in on their takeover. But Becca is determined to stop him before it cripples the charity foundation any further. Holed up with her in the mountains, Jack finally gives in to the attraction he feels for Becca, but is having sex with her going to change his mind about the takeover?

Jack's cutthroat business reputation is well deserved but he may have met a woman who won't back down. In the midst of helping Angelica Lassiter to fight the terms of her father's will, where she lost control of the beloved company she ran, he can't afford to back off. But Becca is persistent. The moment they meet, sparks fly and he flirts with her, but she rebuffs him. She is aware of his reputation as a lothario and isn't going to get in bed with the enemy. She is above reproach when it comes to her reputation, but Jack threatens to make her lose control.

Whereas many of the books in the Lassiter series have taken place in Cheyenne, Wyoming, TAMING THE TAKEOVER TYCOON sets foot there only once, with most of the action taking place in Los Angeles, then on to the mountains near Fresno. But TAMING THE TAKEOVER TYCOON provides a startling revelation as to why J.D. made out his will leaving out Angelica. This changes a lot for several characters, including Jack, Becca, and Angelica, and leads into the final book in the series coming out next month, REUNITED WITH THE LASSITER BRIDE.

There's plenty of sensuality in TAMING THE TAKEOVER TYCOON for readers of sexy romance, and it provides a nice mix of intrigue (what does Jack know about the will) and fun (their chemistry just sizzles). An enthralling romance from the first page as Becca meets a modern day reverse Robin Hood who charms her and falls in love. Will she tame him? Find out for yourself in TAMING THE TAKEOVER TYCOON.

Patti Fischer