The Hunter Pact , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2189
ISBN: 978-0-373-73202-9
October 2012
Series Romance

Sydney, Australia and an Isolated Polynesian Island – Present Day

As the head of Hunter Broadcasting, Cole Hunter is the one who makes the decisions in what shows are picked up for their station. However, his father, who is supposed to be retired, still manages to keep his fingers in the pot despite Cole's objections. This time it is the hiring of TV producer Taryn Quinn to produce a travel show. Cole let's Taryn know that he isn't behind the project, though he agrees to listen to her ideas. He doesn't want to admit that he's attracted to her, even as he informs her that he will be the one to accompany her on a trial run of the show to a South Pacific island. Just the two of them. Cole is a man who likes to keep things in control, but being around Taryn has him…LOSING CONTROL.

Taryn wants to prove that she's capable of producing top shows after being unjustly fired from her last job. She has a great idea for a project and thought Hunter Broadcasting had bought it, but alas, no one told her that Cole was the man who makes the final decisions. The man is powerful and sexy in one fell swoop…and dangerous for her peace of mind. Can their relationship remain strictly business, or will their surroundings turn their trip into an affair?

The broadcast business and a trip to a lush island that seeps romance are in store for Cole and Taryn in LOSING CONTROL. As the man in charge at Hunter Broadcasting, Cole has had to contend with his father's meddling, but this time he has gone too far in hiring Taryn behind his back. Meeting Taryn has Cole thrown for a loop. She's beautiful, sexy and smart…a dangerous combination for his libido. He is a man married to his job and has no time for dating, yet here he is suddenly asking Taryn out for an evening “business meeting” and attending formal functions with him. Then there is the trip to the island. He could've assigned someone else, but he's going. Will he fall under the sensual allure of the romantic setting…and right into Taryn's arms?

Taryn wants to prove to Cole and the world that she is a woman who doesn't use her looks to get ahead in the business. But her attraction to Cole tempts her and soon proves to be too hard to resist, especially when their bungalow on the island has only one bed. Can a temporary fling work and not damage her show's prospects? Can she get Cole to loosen up and enjoy his time on the island to win his approval to go ahead with the show?

In the first tale in The Hunter Pact series by Robyn Grady, readers are introduced to Cole and his brothers, though there is a sister mentioned we never really see. Their father, Guthrie, has married a much younger woman, and they not only have a little boy together, but are expecting another child. There have been attempts on Guthrie's life, and Cole wants to find the culprit, which provides the backdrop against the romance between Cole and Taryn in LOSING CONTROL.

A man who prides himself on always being in control suddenly finds himself falling for a woman who wants him to cut loose. Will they discover love and each get what they want in LOSING CONTROL? Find out for yourself by picking up this sizzling read.

Patti Fischer