Notorious Wolfes , Book 4
Harlequin Presents #3018
ISBN: 978- 0-373-13018-4
October 2011
Contemporary Series Romance

Sydney, Australia - Present Day

Popular motor car champion Alex Wolfe is at the top of his sport when an accident disables him.  With his arm practically wrenched out of the socket, he can't race until he completes a regime of intensive therapy, maybe surgery; and if the arm doesn't respond well, he could be out of the game for good.  Never one to let anything or anyone sideline him, Alex hires Physiotherapist Libby Henderson to get him back into shape.  He wants to be able to race in two weeks in Malaysia .  The team doctor tells him that won't happen, but he'll persuade Libby to pass him off as healed.

Libby has always been fit, healthy, and active in sports.  Like Alex, she was at the top, twice female world champion surfer.  Libby lived and breathed for the water, her surf board, and her fiancé, Scott, but after a horrific shark attack she's lost her leg and Scott all in one fell swoop.  Her leg couldn't be saved even though the doctors tried.  Scott, unfortunately didn't get eaten by the shark; he simply walked away once it was clear that Libby was a cripple who would never surf again.  Now, Libby helps others regain their physical acumen and strength.  Alex is a demanding and generous client, paying double her regular fee for her to whip him back into shape in time for the race in Malaysia .  He's sexy as hell, and Libby can get lost in his bedroom eyes, but she's not about to let him coerce her into faking his physical condition for the team doctors.  Alex Wolfe might get what he wants with most women, but Libby will make him work hard to get back into shape, and if his body doesn't respond to her treatments, then he won't be racing.

Sparks fly when Alex Wolfe, the FEARLESS MAVERICK, tries to get his way around the determined Libby.  A millionaire by birth, Alex does not need the money he earns; he loves his sport and excels at it just to get his pleasure rush.  The problems begin when the ever-present paparazzi snap a few pictures of Libby and him that end up as front page news.  Suddenly, Libby and her history are splashed across magazine and newspaper spreads, right before Alex decides to throw her another curve.

FEARLESS MAVERICK is the fourth book in the Notorious Wolfes Miniseries ; see www.eharlequin.com   for a list of all the books.  This series is about the eight children of the Oxfordshire, England , Wolfe dynasty.  Each book features one of the siblings in his or her own romance.  FEARLESS MAVERICK stands alone and has Alex and Libby racing the clock to get Alex back into shape.  There is instant attraction between two beautiful people fighting nature, Alex, wanting to get nearer to Libby, and Libby wanting to push Alex away because of her injuries.  The secondary characters are dynamic, and only two other players, Libby's assistant, Payton, and Alex's assistant, Eli, are kept in the foreground.

FEARLESS MAVERICK has it all, sizzling romance, great characterization, and racing!

Diana Risso