Silhouette Desire #2063
ISBN: 978-0-373-73076-9
January 2011
Series Romance

Sydney, Australia - Present Day

Newlywed Laura Bishop loves her husband, Samuel, with all her heart.  Even though it was a whirlwind courtship, and fabulous honeymoon, Laura knows they were meant to be together. There is one small problem; Laura has a heart defect, and she doesn't want to adopt as Samuel does; she wants to have her own child.  With love anything is possible…except that happened two years ago. How could a fall off a ladder give her amnesia?  Where is Samuel?

Samuel Bishop is a savvy tycoon who has thrown himself into his work.  He receives a call from Grace, Laura's sister.  She tells him what happened to Laura and begs him to come to the hospital because Laura is asking for him.  Grace is the last person Samuel expected to hear from.  His and Laura's bitter divorce was two years ago, and Samuel has tried to move on with his life.  Grace convinces him to play along until Laura's memory returns. Grace tells Samuel this is his second chance, don't blow it. He always believed Grace was against them, but she just wanted them not to rush into marriage.  Finally Samuel agrees. This is the worst idea ever until, he steps in the hospital room and Laura smiles at him.

AMNESIAC EX, UNFORGETTABLE VOWS is a pleasure.  Samuel never expected to have Laura back in his arms. The way she looks at him gives him hope that maybe they have a future after all.  But passion and desire was never the problem.  Nothing was ever the same after she miscarried. Now she is talking about having a child; will history repeat itself?

Robyn Grady has crafted an intriguing, sexy read with a character driven story line.  There are no villains, just what life dishes out.  Both Samuel and Laura are likeable and will keep readers turning the pages as the plot unfolds.  Laura finds it strange that as she and Samuel make their way through charity events and parties, friendly acquaintances greet her with long lost greetings.  Samuel wears his heart on his sleeve as he tries to run interference so nobody tells Laura the truth.  Both want to reclaim their life together.  Will they? Curl up in your favorite chair, and be prepared to be entertained.


Deborah C Jackson